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New Listing 169 BEAUPORT
New Listing 169 BEAUPORT

99 Inace Boundless Sold

130 Phoenix I Sold
130 Phoenix I SOLD!

Arianna Broker Report
164 Delta Report

Proteus Donated
R/V Proteus Donated

Towing Rig
Towing Rig

Far Far Away Superyacht Society Award
New AOY Styling

Indigo Broker Report
105 CBI Navi

Far Far Away Superyacht Society Award
Far Far Away
Superyacht Society Award

Our Toy Broker Report
120 Feadship
OUR TOY Report

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
New Build
105 Explorer

Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
Magazine Article
John DeCaro

Monaco yacht Show
John's Monaco Show Report

Monaco Yacht Show
Steve's Monaco Show Report

New Design: 92 Argos for Sale
New Design: 92 Argos

193 Amels AKULA Expedition Yacht for Sale
193 Amels AKULA

Professional Yacht Broker Magazine- John DeCaro On Being A Yacht Broker
John in Professional Yacht Broker

80 Northern Marine Expedition Yacht for Sale LORA
80 North. Marine LORA

Big Boat Bible
Big Boat Bible

Far Far Away
New Listing
120' Far Far Away

Conversion Vs. New Build
Convert Vs. New

Sneak Peek of Inace 126
AOY 100- 5 Stateroom Design

New Inace 120 Video
Inace 120 Video

All Ocean Yachts Explorer 90 Presentation
Explorer 90 Presentation


New Design
and Construction

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Explorer and Expedition Trawlers

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218 Mothership
193 Expedition
132 Amels
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Sailing Yachts for Sale
Sailing Yachts



Explorer, Long Range, Conversion and Expediton Yachts
341 104m Blohm & Voss
341 (104m) Blohm & Voss
210 Explorer Ship Atlantis II
210 Explorer Ship "Atlantis II"
210 Polar Expedition Yacht
210 Polar Expedition Yacht
193 Mega Expedition Yacht
193 Mega Expedition Yacht
167 Expedition Yacht
167 Expedition Yacht
163 Sailing Yacht Regina
163 Sailing Yacht "Regina"
138 Kingship Yacht Star
138 Kingship Yacht "Star"
120 Inace Yachts Far Far Away
120 Inace Yachts "Far Far Away"
105 Yacht Pacific Mermaid
105 Yacht "Pacific Mermaid"
101 Explorer Yacht Pulim
101 Explorer Yacht "Pulim"
98 Yongert La Perla
98 Yongert "La Perla"
92 All Seas Expedition Yacht
92 All Seas Expedition Yacht
85 Aegean Yachts Theocars II
85 Aegean Yachts "Theocara II"
86 Moonen Expedition Yacht
86 Moonen Expedition Yacht
86 Cape Scott Amnesia IV
86 Cape Scott "Amnesia IV"
85 Rossato Yacht Blue Lady
85 Rossato Yacht "Blue Lady"
85 Inace Yachts Forteleza
85 Inace Yachts "Forteleza"
85 Rossato Yacht Blue Lady
80 Northen Marine "Lora"
78 Poole Expedition Sportfish
78 Poole Sportfish Expedition
All Ocean Yachts 90

All Ocean Yachts 90/103

New interior renderings
New innovations, fine appointments.

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BROKER REPORTS More Broker Reports
See the latest as Explorer Brokers from All Ocean Yachts report on their yacht inspections and world travels.
Sotaj Broker Report Curt visited "ARIANNA" the 164'/50m Delta at the Miami Boat Show. Here is Curt's Broker Report
Broker Report Vince inspected INDIGO, a 105'/32M CBI NAVI European styled expedition yacht. Here is his Broker Report
Our Toy Broker Report Curt visited "OUR TOY" the 120'/36.6m Feadship at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show. Here is Curt's Broker Report
Broker Report Vince inspected SHAPAMA, a 90'/27.43m DeFever designed St. Augustine expedition yacht. Here is his Broker Report
Broker Report Steve inspected ROCHADE, the 156'/47.57m Delta built in 2011. Here is his Broker Report
Just Added Explorer and Expedition Yacht Items

Q: Who are you and what is your background?
A: I am a yacht broker in Fort Lauderdale, Florida with 17 years of experience in expedition yacht sales, new construction and 18 years as a mega yacht captain. Please see My Bio for additional information.

Q: What is  Buy Explorer Yachts  .com?
A: Buy Explorer Yachts .com is dedicated to the design and construction of semi custom and custom, sale of existing vessels, full displacement Trawlers, Mega Explorer yachts and Expedition type vessels 80' and above... Click for More

Q: What are Shadow Yachts and how are they different from explorer yachts?
A: Shadow Yachts is a term coined to describe what in Naval military terms would be named a "Support vessel". In the case of Shadow Yachts... Click for More

Q: Are you restricted in what yards, designers or vessels you can work with?
A: NO, though there are particular yards and designers shown on this site we are not restricted in any way... Click for More

Q: If I want to build an mega expedition yacht, why should I use a broker when I can go straight to a yard or a designer?
A: This is not a simple question to answer; it is as complex as successfully designing and building a quality explorer mega yacht. The short answer is... Click for More

Q: I always hear "You get what you pay for". I want a safe, reliable expedition yacht but I do not want to dedicate a FORTUNE to it. Is this possible?
A: There is a certain amount of truth to that quote. You will pay a lot more for the final top 10% in quality for a expedition mega yacht and you stand a high chance... Click for More

Q: In your opening statement you mention "full displacement vessels". Why is this important, what is the difference from a semi displacement vessel and is one better then the other as an expedition yacht?
A: Both types of vessels are equally GOOD for their intended use... Click for More

Q: What is the best material for a long-range trawler/explorer mega yacht?
A: Steel, aluminum, fiberglass and all of its derivatives all have advantages... Click for More

Q: What is the Explorer Yacht Links Page for?
A: The Explorer Yacht Links Page is for the use of the visitors of this site as a useful resource. You will find exceptional links to sites for expedition yacht components, boat services, clasification societies... Click for More

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