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Well it was about time for the Explorer guy to go north, he has been hanging in the tropics a lot as of late (He needs to get out of the sun for a bit even with the big hats). Since we are looking at spring in the northern hemisphere and I have always been told that Sweden is one of the most stunning places in the world to be in spring, we discussed it and agreed he should go. I have a number of Swedish sailing buddies and they wax on poetic about all the wonders of Sweden both on the water and the, how do I say it, the blond, blue eyed natural resources found on land.

Sweden is famous for its history, its picturesque ports, its diverse animal life, fiords, food, both regional sea food and gourmet and its wonderful people. Of course getting to and going from Sweden presents the opportunity to visit many other interesting areas. I know boats that have spent the whole summer season in the area and could not even start to see all of it.

I really could not find a lot on the web specific to remote exploring in this area. If you are familiar with this area, please send in some of your favorite things to do and spots to visit.

I have listed some good general links for yachting and seeing Stockholm below, if you have any better please send them along.

Happy exploring!

Links for Sweden

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Photo gallery
Motor yacht club
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