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Explorer Trawler     Since its founding in 1965 with the original scope of attending the demand for lobster boats for growing north and northeastern commercial fishing, Inace Yachts đ IND˛STRIA NAVAL DO CEAR┴ S/A started its activities in a modest coastal area near the city piers in Fortaleza. From the time of its inception, Inace Yachts has established a tradition of quality work performed by efficient craftsmen and using a unified production-line concept pioneered by its founder and today's Director-President.

    Besides the older railed slipway, in-line with a central turnstile radiating to the shipbuilding berths (nowadays wholly dedicated to the construction of smaller fishing boats), the shipyard has a bigger vessel construction and repair complex served by their own ship lifting platform of 80x15 meters, capable of handing vessels of up to 1.800 metric tons. The foundations of these newer facilities required about 1,412,529 cubic feet of sand and rockfill, 520 tons of rock boulders to rebuild and increase its main breakwater.

    The lifting platform is interconnected by a railed ships carrier to larger transfer yard which is network to the construction bays and to the open-aired parking aprons and repair berths (30x50 m and 2x80 m). Two ship's finish piers, 375 ft. in length complete the construction/repair facilities. Lately, a separate annex was added to house the new building complex entirely dedicated to the construction of all-aluminum luxury yachts for the export market.

    These up-to-date installations are essentially planed for speedier vessel construction but also incorporate extensive facilities for commercial and fishing boat refitting, maintenance and repairs of broad spectrum.

    Both the former and the newer facilities permit boat construction and repair work to be carried out simullaneously.

    In addition to the line of fishing boats (of which more than 800 were built to date) Inace Yachts shipyard has constructed and designed ships for the Brazilian navy (Patrol Boats,landing barges, research vessels etc.), boats, oil-offshore craft, passenger boats and wide range of sea and river vessels to the present time.

    Other special features of the older and newer facilities include weather-protected sheds for pre-fabricating hullblocks, forecastles, deck housings and such, and a most complete plate and machine shop, (all with overhead crane facilities), automated shotblasting and priming installations for plane pretreatment, traveling granty cranes, mobile cranes, on-spot sandblasting and spray painting and all the various facilities required by a well-equipped modern shipyard dedicated to the exclusive production of steel and a aluminum vessels.

    Expansions at Inace Yachts shipyard have been systematically planned to assure an outstanding quality of workmanship and efficiency combined to a permanent strive for ever fast production. Founded to produce fishing boats for a limited clientele, the shipyard is now exporting its manufactured sea and craft to foreign countries and blue-printing the construction of support bases out of Brazil in order to attend to these export in their own operation environments.

    A complete in-house staff of estimators, naval architects, engineers, designers and draftsmen assure the good backup required to produce a top vessel.

    These specialist skills include shipwrights, marine refrigeration specialists, welders, platemen, electrical and mechanical fitters, shot and sandblaster, aluminium fabricators, painters, carpenters, instrument technicians and more.

    We at Inace Yachts are enthused by the craft we make, their stamina, sturdiness and long service life. With them we have become one of the largest producers of top catch fishing, offshore support, navy, commercial and pleasure vessels in Brazil.

    Inace Yachts's steady progress, solid financial standing and business sway in a field where so many concerns have failed is a genuine tribute to is inspired top management and to its employees who never rest in their drive for mass-produced vessels of high quality at reasonable princes.  

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