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Thoughts on "Kauhale Kai", ex "Exodus"

90 ABD Expedition Yacht Kauhale Kai
90' ABD Expedition Yacht Kauhale Kai
Dear All,
I did not recently inspect Kauhale Kai, Vince Krivank has seen her a number of times recently and we have written her up in the past. This post was prompted by a visit in my office by the ex-captain Mark Rushworth. I represented Kauhale Kai a number of years ago when she was Exodus. I just loved the boat, the Captain then and the owner who like the present owner, spent a great deal of time cruising on her and he had his family loved the boat!

90 ABD Expedition Yacht Kauhale Kai

Mark's visit reminded me about all the wonderful features and what a solid proven world cruiser she is. He loved running the boat and only left because he started a family. We talked about what a great feature the lower machinery deck was and how it made doing the total engine and transmissions rebuilds they did a easy straight forward job and how it made general and running up keep a pleasure.

Mark is also very happy to speak about comfortable sea keeping qualities of the boat and how she response so well to difficult conditions. I should say here that Mark was the Captain and engineer on the boat and was very hands on with all the upgrades and rebuild work done, which also included full service on the stabilizers, electronics upgrades, new teak on the owner's deck. There is a long list of things that were serviced, renewed or upgraded after the world cruise was completed.

90 ABD Expedition Yacht Kauhale Kai

Haulale Kai has done about 1000 hrs. on her rebuilt engines so they are now well proven and with all the work done she is a outstanding Explorer Yacht ready to go on her next expedition. This is a very large yacht in a easily handled and cared for package. She offers a private owner's deck, carries a large tender, is set up for water sports and diving. She is the whole package.

Please Contact Me about being the next happy owner for this proven Explorer Yacht.

Captain Mark, is now looking for his next position and would love to Captain Hauhale Kai again or another Explorer Yacht.
Warmest regards,
John DeCaro
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