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2004 Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show

Miami Yacht and Brokerage Show
Miami Boat Show

Miami Boat Show
John Hard at Work on Exodus.
Dear all,
    First I would like to thank all of the viewers of that stopped by EXODUS during the show. It was a pleasure to meet you all and show you around a true world cruising yacht.

    The response to EXODUS was very positive. The most interesting part was seeing the reaction from people that had not entertained the idea of an EXPOLRER YACHT before and their reaction to the room and comfort of this type of vessel. I have to say some of the wives were asking their husbands some pressing questions about "Why this yachts has so much more room then their 90',100'... yacht". "Why does it have a laundry room with full size wash and dry and we do not." I think quite a few went home thinking about EXPLORER YACHTS in a whole new way.

    Unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to visit other yachts during the show as I was flat out during almost all of the show between showing EXODUS, working with clients that have boats under construction, and meeting with designers, clients and shipyards regarding new projects.

    A few of the yachts I did get to inspect were:

DARDANELLA the 121' Vitters,

LIFE OF RILEY the 131 Delta,

LIA FAIL the 95' Admiral Marine.

    Please contact me by e-mail if you have any questions about the above vessels or other information needed.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro
    P.S: Exodus cruising logs can be found on the Home and News pages of the site.

Broker John DeCaro
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 USA
Telephone: 954-646-1411

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