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Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show Follow-Up!
February 17-21, 2005

Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2005

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See More on Tivoli
Dear all,

    I have been waiting to report until I heard more results from the show, unfortunately there appears to be little positive to say. Over all the attendance at the brokerage show on Collins Ave. was in my opinion way down.

    Many brokers (including myself) were expecting a large influx of European clients because of the large advantage of the Euro to US dollar, this was not evident during the show and my enquires after the show seems to confirm an absence of Euro buyers and a decrease in over all sales.

    There was good private jet traffic at Miami and Fort Lauderdale airports with US based jets coming in for the day. It was also agreed by all of the brokers that I spoke with that there was a smaller number of attendees from South America then at last years show.

    The one vessel that I know was well attended was the new 93' forward house design Inace Yachts built for Buccaneer Yachts. I showed the vessel to a number of clients and there was a steady stream of interest from people strolling the docks. She arrived from a non stop 3400 nm trip from the yard about a week before. The owner, who made the complete trip, a bit over 13 days, reported that he enjoyed himself completely. The vessel is now located in Fort Lauderdale.

    As always with boat shows it takes several months before the final results are in. As an example I now have FORTALEZA, the 85' INACE YACHTS FORWARD HOUSE design under contract with a client that inspected her during the FORT LAUDERDALE BOAT SHOW.

    If you attended the show I would be very interested in hearing your comments about the quality of the vessels on display and you're over all impressions.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro

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Broker John DeCaro
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 USA
Telephone: 954-646-1411

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