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Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2009 Follow Up


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John at the Miami Show
John DeCaro at the Miami Show
Photo by Stephen Cridland

Well, the Miami Show has come and gone. Expectations for the show were very low going into it. In fact a number of companies dropped out for the first time in many years. All Ocean Yachts and INACE YACHTS SHIPYARD were very pleased to be able to display the new forward house explorer yacht CATALONION SPIRIT at the show. CATALONION SPIRIT was shown an example of the shipyards product, she was not for sale. To our teams surprise and pleasure a large number of qualified and interested clients attended the show this year. Total traffic was definitely down but the people that we had aboard where knowledgeable boaters looking for a quality product that could take them anywhere in the world and CATALONIAN SPIRIT completely fit those requirements.

CATALONIAN SPIRIT was built for a very experienced owner of 82 years of age, he has owned over 20 boats including all of the top European manufacturers in both sail and power. He came to Inace Yachts because he wanted a completely custom vessel that his whole family of 22 could cruise on together with everyone sleeping in his own bunk ( he was tired of waking up at night and having to step around grand kids sleeping on his master stateroom floor on his last 100’ vessel) and he wanted it to be in a reasonable size. He has seen the tremendous volumes that our Explorer Yachts have and saw the reasons we might be able to help.

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We were able to work with him and his family to create a 111’ x 24’ beam vessel that has 7 guest staterooms and can sleep up to 22 guest plus 6 crew. This is not really difficult to do, what is difficult is to make all 7of the staterooms good sized and when they are only used to sleep 2 each make them look like a normal stateroom on any other yacht. This was done by using a combination of Pullman berths, settees and removable berths. Of course when you carry this many people it creates a cascading effect on what you need in the boat with regards to everything from refrigeration, food storage, hot water, laundry, crew space and separation. All of these issues were worked through during the design phase and came together to create highly functional vessel.

As the chef says, cooking for 22 guest and 5 to 6 crew is a challenge but the good part is that cooking for 16 guests is a breeze.

The forward house design creates tremendous spaces including a huge flybridge that has a large forward seating area under cover from the hard top, a day head with a 3rd set of a washer/dryer to keep up with the towels, an outdoor shower, a Jacuzzi and a large sunning deck with built in tables.

The typical tour of the vessel would bring us up to the flybridge deck last and almost on queue after walking the length of the deck they would turn back and look at me with a quizzical expression and say “How long is this boat again?” and I would say “still 111’”.

The other fun part was showing the engine room. Our engine rooms are quite large and very well laid out but I was surprised at the number of ladies that wanted to have their pictures taken in it.

No single Inace Yachts model seemed to have an edge in interest from the clients. Aft House, Forward house, Raise Pilothouse, Yacht Explorers they all had their own group of admirers. I might show someone the model of the new 126’ Luiz Debasto’s design aft house we have under construction (we have a 120’ version under build also delivering in October) and they would LOVE it, love the well deck with the tenders, the huge bow and amid-ship pilothouse and think the 98’ Overing raised pilot house was not interesting at all and the next person would look at the 126’ and say “why would anyone want one of those when they could have something as lovely as the 98’?”.

So just to recap, for All Ocean Yacht and Inace Yachts Shipyard it was a much better show then we had anticipated and has resulted in some requests to bid custom projects and strong interest in our range of semi-custom models with several appointments being set up to visit Inace Yachts in the coming few months.

My personal comment is that the TV news may make it sound like the whole world is going bad. The impression I received speaking with people from many different areas of the world and life was they in general felt much more positive about the near future then they had 6 months ago.

Please Contact Me with your impressions of the Show and/or interest in an Inace Yachts for your cruising plans.

My very best wishes to all in these very interesting times,
John DeCaro

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