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Interantional Marine Underwriters Seminar

Don Patton, Surveyor Addresses Group

Patton Marine

Don Patton of Patton Marine, Inc. Surveyors, Consultants and Supervision recently spoke to the annual International Marine Underwriters Seminar. The following excerpts are taken from the speach. The speach in its entirety is available below in an Acrobat PDF file.

Ladies and Gentlemen:
You may wonder why Mr. Gallagher would ask a marine surveyor to address a group of underwriters. I asked myself the same question and then thought why not, I've been working in the marine industry for 58 years in most aspects of the game - building them, running them, repairing them, refits, the salvage business and finally the survey business...

Believe it or not, in my day hardly anybody had a license including me. In our salvage company, we were often sub-contracted to do research work. I was running a 49 meter research vessel doing navy work in the Tongue of the Ocean and one of the scientists came on the bridge and asked why my license wasn't posted. I said “It's right here in my wallet” and I showed him my driver's license. He said “How can you get away with that”. My reply was simple, “I'm part owner and she is research vessel registry”. That was a long time ago and the rules have changed a bit since then...

Don Patton
Click for File Entire Speech in Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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