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Inace and Explorer Yacht FAQ


Below are some additional FAQs sent by one of my clients that I spent some time with at INACE SHIPYARD. It is important to note that these are questions he asked of me and my answers as he understood them.

Only on questions #5 and #6 do I feel comments need to be made by myself.

As always I look forward to receiving your comments and questions.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro

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1. Is "explorer yachting" the right thing for me?

Obviously, this is anyone's decision and taste. But if you like seeing places you would otherwise never get to, and if you like to see them while avoiding mass tourism, airline flights and hotels, this is a wonderful way of getting around the world in style and luxury.

2. Can I handle a boat like this with my wife?

A large and comfortable boat requires some work and maintenance, and it depends on you how much of that you want to handle yourself. As an experienced skipper, you and your wife will be able to run the boat, although on longer cruises you may want to have some additional crew members for watches. Without experience, you would want to have an experienced captain for the first couple of years and then decide how to move on. Some of the Inace owners have decided to run the boat totally themselves; others have hired a crew - so both models are possible.

3. What is the "quality of life" on a boat; what limitations exist?

Explorer yachts like Inace offer any luxury you would find in your home onshore. In that sense they are very different from sailing boats (typically smaller size, limited space on deck, larger number of people on board) and many of the smaller offshore vessel that are de facto coastal cruisers, not ocean going vessels. Inace yachts offer very large space inside (eg master bedrooms with his/her heads), several guest rooms, very large galleys and dining facilities, and enormous outside deck space on several levels. The yachts are totally independent from onshore facilities with their own generators, watermakers, and storage facilities (refrigerated and frozen), and you can live on them with as much luxury as onshore. They are truly like a floating home, and this is the way many people are actually using them.

4. What is the typical usage of a boat?

Typical uses range from live-aboard cruising in the Mediterranean during summer and in the Carribean during winter to global cruising and circumnavigation over extended periods of time. With a crew on board, you will have added flexibility on when and where you will use the boat.

5. *Do I need any formal qualification for running such a boat?

This depends on where the boat is registered (John: at least that's what I think); a US-registered boat requires a coast guard licence (?); European registration requires (?). A boat registered in (eg Cayman Islands?) requires no formal qualification (?). For ocean cruising, however, you would be well advised to either have respective experience or have a qualified crew.

*#5 is correct in the fact where you register the boat will have a good deal to do with requirement for operations. However, the most important issue is how the boat will be used, private use or charter. If a vessel is used for hire, you will need professional crew no matter were the vessel is registered. The other factor is the insurance company, if you do not have a large amount of experience they will probably require professional crew to be aboard.
6. *What is the annual budget for a boat of this nature, depending on usage, crew and typical maintenance cost?

Typical maintenance includes (John: for you to answer; pulling it out of the water once per year engine/machine inspections etc); typical crew costs (with/without experienced captain); typical budget for running the boat (assuming about 5000 NM of travel per year).

*#6 As you can see by the questions there are a great number of factors to be taken into account in regards to operating cost. This is an issue I feel must be handled on a one to one basis with the client when the operating parameters of the vessel have been clearly defined.
Best regards,
Client name withheld at this time
Broker John DeCaro
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316 USA
Telephone: 954-646-1411

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