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Green Explorer Yachting- the Way to Go!
By Sandy Hoekstra, President, Yacht-Mate, Inc.
Green Yachting
Sandy at the Fort Lauderdale Show
By Sandy Hoekstra
    In today's world of explorer yachts, green is the way to go. As expedition yachts range farther for longer they must be more self sufficient, reliable and have safe ecological practices.

Sandy at the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

    For self-sufficiency, explorer yachts need reverse osmosis water makers to produce safe drinking water. Using a dockside water softener works well with green soaps and eliminates hard water stains and spotting.
Eco Yacht-Mate Water Softeners
Green Yacht-Mate Water Softeners
Eco Yacht-Mate Water Softeners
Watermakers for Green Yachting

    To distribute drinking water throughout the boat, UV sterilizers effectively destroy biological contaminants without using harmful chemicals. Filtering the water before the tap yields better tasting and safer water, too.
Sterilight UV Systems Sterilight UV

    Having great tasting and safe water from your explorer yacht drinking water system means no more bottled water. Personalized reusable water bottles are used instead of trash producing plastic water bottles.

    In more and more expedition yacht cruising grounds, federal law demands safe ecological handling of sewage. Sewage treatment plants that are compact enough for most yacht engine rooms are available.

Eco Green Yachting Sewage Treatment ECOmar treats and discharges overboard disinfected sewage
in compliance with international regulations.
    More and more going green on an expedition yacht makes sense. Having safe drinking water and being ecologically friendly on the water is a winner for everybody in explorer yachting.

Sandy Hoekstra of founded Yacht-Mate in 1999. Sandy has been in the water softener, filtration and treatment business since 1992. Her professional and knowledgeable staff can help you find the right green yachting products for your needs, whatever they may be.

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