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Launching of a New 95' Inace Explorer Yacht

Impetus Out of the Shed
95' Inace Impetus Out of the Shed


Dear all,

    I have just returned from the launching of the new INACE YACHTS 95' Aft House Explorer, she is now starting dockside tests and shipyard sea trials.

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Impetus- Bone Floor
    Attached are some photos showing her being launched, some details of the interior, please keep in mind that final finishing and out fitting of the interior and engine room is going on now. You will see some details in the photos that have not been completed.

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Master Cabin Detail
     This is a very exciting time in the build process for all involved. The owners can now truly see what the finished boat will be like, the yard is proving all of the systems and finishing details and I am working with both to insure a smooth completion of the project. The yacht was blessed when she was "given to the sea" and fine champane was both broken and drank!

    I am sure you would not be surprised to hear me say that the boat is coming out very well, with the wife very pleased with the interior finish ( I think she has done a wonderful job working with the yard on the interior, added some stunning details to the boat) and the husband is happy with the engine room and all of the systems.

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Zerospeed Power Pack
    I will be flying back to INACE SHIPYARD on June 14th for the startup and sea trials of the new Quantum Marine zero speed rotor stabilizers. This is the first application of rotor stabilizers being used on a displacement vessel AND being run for zero speed use. The entire Quantum top brass is flying in from both the US and Europe for the start up. To learn more about the system you can go to the Quantum web site

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Impetus Bow On
    There has been a good deal of activity at INACE SHIPYARD, I have just signed a contract with one of my clients for a new design, a 111' full displacement, long range motor yacht. It is a tri-deck design with 5 guest staterooms, master on the main deck with world cruising range. I will post information on the vessel as soon as we have finished a few outstanding design details. This is in additon to the new 95' aft house signed, the keel laying of which was on May 15th. Including the 95' just launched this makes three 95' AHD under construction at this time and the 7th in the series.

    INACE SHIPYARD is under taking a expansion of all of their facilities, including the addition of a new wood working shop with an area of about 90,000 square feet. They have purchased a second Cad/Cam cutting machine capable of handling 20' by 40' plates, with software that will handle the new "Rhino" drawing system.

    They have also added two new 150' sheds and are expanding all of their fabrications areas.

    I look forward to answering any questions you may have regarding any of the above information.

Warmest regards,

John DeCaro


Note: If you have been following the site, you may recall the write up on fairing and painting (still posted), you can see the outcome of all that labor in the photo of the house posted with this write up. It is extremely hard to create a fair finish with the deep green color of this hull. I think the yard has done a good job of it, I will post additional photos showing it in more detail and would be interested in hearing your opinions.

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