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Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show 2012 Report

Dear All,
The Miami boat show enjoyed some stunning weather this year and it keeps getting a bit bigger every year.

The team at All Ocean Yachts covered the docks looking at Explorer yachts, Expedition yachts, Trawlers and Long Range world cruising yachts ranging in size from 80' to 155'.

I am not going to list them all here but we will be doing individual write ups on them and posting them next week. A lot of the Explorer yachts we had seen before so they were refresher visits but there were a couple of new ones "Indigo", the CBI Navi and "Lora", the Northern Marine.

It looked to me that over all traffic was slow but there were a number of qualified buyers on the docks. As you would expect, the number of world cruising yachts and Explorer yachts was small in comparison to the over all number of boats. The show did have a trawler section this year but they were small boats and almost all of them were near coastal cruising boats, not blue water world cruising yachts.

All Ocean Yachts 100 in Steel
All Ocean Yachts 100 in Steel

There was also strong interest in both the steel and glass versions of the All Ocean Yachts 90' and 100'. The NISI built by Tricon Marine, the builder for the glass versions of the All Ocean Explorers continued to receive rave reviews and all of the awards she has won were on display.

I was showing around some photos after launching of the Inace 120 designed by Luiz de Basto that I took during my visit 2 weeks ago to the yard. I have to say she is a great boat, great design and the 126 is just that little bit bigger. The 120 and 126 have tons of room and everything you will find in much larger Explorer Yachts in a great over all size and package.

Myself and the ALL OCEAN YACHTS TEAM look forward to assisting you in finding the right Explorer, Expedition, Trawler or Long Range yacht to fit your world cruising needs.

Give us a call at 954-646-1411 or send us an EMAIL!
Warmest regards,
John DeCaro

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