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Monaco Yacht Show 2011
Monaco Yacht Show 2011
Monaco Yacht Show 2011 Follow-up
Yachts Inspected and Other News from Show

M Dear All,
I am back in Fort Lauderdale from the Monaco Yacht Show. Over all it was a positive show with several contracts being signed for brokerage and new builds. I had a number of meetings regarding the ALL OCEAN YACHTS 90' and 100' designs in both steel and glass, plus a number of other meetings regarding new build Explorers in the 135' to 170' range. As with any of the boat shows, it will be several months before we know for sure what comes out of the meetings and show.

My main mission at the show was to look at a number of different Explorer yachts and "so called Explorer yachts", Long range yachts and World cruising vessels both for sale and charter.

Twitter Twitter: As I have done for the last 2 years I was be tweeting reports after I looked at each boat.

If you followed me on twitter you already know what I looked at but I am going to go over the list here with a bit more detail. They are given in random order.

Laurel 240' (73m) Delta built in 2006: Laurel was the first boat I inspected. She was out at anchor and I looked at her the day before the show opened. It may have been a mistake to start with her because she set such a high standard for all of the other vessels. This is a true Long range world cruising yacht! She has the styling and physical form of a yacht but all of sensibilities and sea keeping for long range world cruising which she has done extensively already.

Delta yacht Laurel Delta proved with her that they can build a large vessel that is as good or better then any other builder in the world today. The attention to detail can be seen in every area, owner and guest accommodations that are highly comfortable, smartly arranged and created to make sure everyone is safe and comfortable at sea, interior and exterior finishing, storage for all of the delicate and fine furnishings that will keep them safe in all of the conditions found while world cruising. She has outstanding crew areas and some of the best crew/guest separation, monitoring and service arrangements I have seen on a large yacht. The guest never see crew unless they want them and the crew can do all of their jobs efficiently without being seen.

Laurel 240' (73m) Delta pictured left.

The condition of the boat after the thousands of miles she has done is excellent in all areas, the engine room is in outstanding condition and superb when it comes to layout and equipment choices. I spoke to the engineer who has been with the boat since the build and he could not point to anything that he would switch out. Everything is up to date and ready to go for another world cruise. Everyone of the crew I spoke to expounded on what a great boat she was to live and travel on!

There are too many positive features to describe here, Delta and the owners and crew who did the build just got it all right! For a full brief Contact Me.

Bandido 75 (23.67 m) 2008: From large to small. The Bandido line including the 75 offers a lot of room in a small package. I do not consider the 75 to be a world cruising boat but it is a nice long range near coastal and island hopping vessel. This boat was in good condition over all and for the asking price a reasonable boat. If you want to start out with something small to get your feet wet cruise and ship the boat to different areas it could be a good choice. You could then move up to something larger that will give you more room and abilities to do extended remote cruising. We can also discuss the Bandido 90' as a larger option.

Drettmann Explorer Line from 27m to 37m: I did not inspect the line as it is a new joint combination of Drettmann and Sunrise Yachts. I however have a great deal of respect for the product that Sunrise Yachts build and believe that for the price they are one of the better Long range yacht built options. I feel with the proper input to the 27 to 37m designs the Sunrise/Drettmann combination can deliver a solid product. I am more then happy to discuss my reasoning and feelings regarding this.

Big Fish in Sweden
Expedition Yacht Big Fish in Sweden

Big fish 148' (45m) 2010 Mcmullen & Wing Explorer: If you have been following Big Fish on my site you know I have had a long association with Big Fish having seen her in build, launch and several locations around the world during the last 15 months of her world cruising and chartering. I wanted to check in to see how she and my friends on the crew were holding up. Big Fish has done about 40,000 miles since she was launched, cruising from the bottom to the top of the world and extensively in between. She and her outstanding crew have shown her owner and her charter guests some of the most incredible places in the world! There is a lot of information on my site regarding her so I will not go into details here. Please Contact Me for an up date on her features, condition, charter plans and purchase.

Prima 178' (72.5m) 2011 Columbus Yachts: This is the first boat from a new shipyard in Italy, there is a second one under construction. I have been very interested in seeing her as my sources have had very good things to say about the quality of the vessel. After going through her I have to agree. She is a large volume boat that is well executed. You always expect the Italian boats to have a good level of interior finish and some are good on the exterior also. Where they tend to fall down is on the engineering side, sea keeping, crew areas and service areas to take care of the guests and boat during extended cruising. This boat covered all of those points very well. I feel the quality to price point makes her a solid value it this type of world cruising yacht. The 2nd vessel under build can still be modified in areas to an owner's requests.

Nomade 119' (36.40m) 2011 Tansu Yachts: This boat has the modern style that you are seeing in some Explorer Yachts. The over all exterior execution is good, the interior is small in volume, simple but well put together. The exterior aft deck spaces are good and very large, taking up a great deal of the main deck. Engine room is small but well done. The problem is, not with standing the advertizing, this is neither a Explorer or a Long range yacht. It has a simi-displacement hull, under 2000 nm range at best with 42,000 lt (about 11000 US gal) of fuel and the only easy access to the wheelhouse is from outside, there is a hatch in the floor that crew can use. Her crews quarters are tight with shared heads and showers and limited storage. Having said that she did sell before the show. I am told that they are building a larger version with better range and changes to the layout. I will do an update on All Ocean Yachts after I receive the information on the new vessel. In closing, I think with proper input the yard could produce a good and true explorer yacht.

Yosh II 115' (31.5m) 2009 Benetti sail division: I was very please with this Long range yacht. It was a great example of taking an older sea worthy design and upgrading and modernizing it. The boat has the features needed for long range cruising, she is well kept and in very good condition. If you were thinking of getting an older classic design yacht and cruising her I would recommend that you consider Yosh II instead. The value is good, she is ready to go, you will get a good return when you are ready to sell and you can avoid the problems and pit falls that can come with major refits and up keep on a older vessel when doing extensive cruising. One of the things I really like is she has two cabins either of which can be used as a master. When in a cruising areas you can use the on deck master with it's great windows, if doing extended offshore runs you can move to the lower aft cabin which will be better underway. Contact Me regarding value.

Galileo G 183' (55m) Picchiotti (Perinni Navi) 2010: This is just a stunning Explorer vessel that was created between very knowledgeable owners who have extensively cruised their large sailing yachts around the world and Perinni Navi, a builder of large sailing boats and the Picchiotti yard which has built a number of long range yachts and which is now controlled by Perinni. The boat is built to Ice class but very smartly to the minimal ice class which in most part involves structural re-enforcements. The owner's huge back ground in world cruising on their sail boats shows throughout the vessel in the sensible selections of materials and use of space. The vessel has all of the features and equipment needed, the exterior spaces and use of materials is a very good blend of esthetics and practicality, and engine areas are also very good. If you are considering building a explorer in this range it would be a solid platform to work off of to get a vessel created for your use. I would be happy to speak to you about taking advantage of the two yards best qualities to create a outstanding Explorer.

Joyme 163' (49.9m) Philip Zepter Yachts 2011: I am not going to say much about this vessel, I will just give you a bit of background. It was built by the owner of a commercial yard in Croatia. He built what he wanted and the way he wanted it. It is quite unique.

Blue de Nimes Blue de Nimes 192' (58.7m) Clelands England 1980: Ah a great big conversion! This boat shows both the up side and down side of doing a conversion. Upside; she is an outstandingly sea worthy vessel with huge volumes of spaces, simple exterior care (crew or any commercial yard can paint the outside with little down time) huge engine room, massive range, great spaces for boats and toys. There are 9 staterooms for 21 guests and they are all large, there are a number of different areas for guest to have private time or meet and enjoy each other, tonnes of deck space for huge parties and it is a hose-off after. They have all the storage and support areas to cruise anywhere and stay there for extended time. Down side, which are small, guest and owner's are all in the same area, stairways are tight and a bit steep which is something you find in a lot of conversions. She operates as a commercial vessel, this can be an advantage or disadvantage depending on how you intend to use her. She can land a large helicopter, can make some changes and could carry a small or medium size one.

The captain loves the boat and has had her through a lot of weather and she is very proud of how the boat treats the guest and crew in all conditions. Her 4.2m (13'9") draft is a lot for some areas but her large boats make it easy to get to shore and other shallow zones. The owner took the boat completely a part and replaced almost all of the equipment when he did the conversion. Call me to speak about her value or chartering her.

Snowbird 127' (39m) Hakvoort 2010: The fit and finish on this boat meets your expectations for this high quality Dutch shipyard. The interior is a blend of classic teak and modern styling. As a long range yacht I feel she can do the job, only points I felt were a bit out of line are the size of the wheelhouse, crew areas and galley which for this size vessel seemed to me to be a bit tight. If you are thinking of building a long range cruising yacht and want Dutch, Hakvoort is a yard to be considered for many reasons. If you are interested in Snowbird give me a call to discuss.

Ariete Primo 144'8" (44.1m) Ocean going tug 1967/2006: This is another conversion, which was done right in almost every way. The boat was completely gutted, house removed, main engine removed and rebuilt outside the vessel and every inch of the high quality steel hull was treated, then everything put back and the new house put on and the interior put in. the original windless, anchors and chains were kept and the external ships fire fighting stations were kept and are fully functional. I inspected her last year and loved her then and have not changed my opinion. The only issue on this boat is that when they designed the new house then wanted to keep in in line with the original one and they did not increase the head room on the main deck. If you are tall you will find some of the spaces low but I think this is made up by the great feel of the boat the huge main deck areas, the very well done interior and the fact that the boat can go anywhere, through anything. She was originally designed to carry a large helicopter and the modifications for this can be done quickly.

I have a video that shows the complete rebuild. If you have an interest give me a call as I think that there is a good deal of room in the price and she could turn into a solid value. She is available for charter also.

E&E 138' (42m) Cizgi Shipyard 2011: Very modern design in the interior, a updated and larger version of "Private Lives" designed by Vripack. Contact Me for more details.

Yogi 197' (60.2m) Proteksan Turquoise Yachts 2001: Yogi is all I have come to expect out of the Turquoise yard, a top quality vessel that is fully capable of going anywhere in the world. I saw their first yacht "Turquoise" under and she and all of their other vessels have always meet or exceed expectations. This is a yard that I feel can deliver an outstanding value in a true Explorer vessel, they have the abilities and the passion. Yogi is for charter. There a several vessels built by Turquoise on the market and I would be happy to discuss them.

Alloy Yacht Kokordia

Konkordia 169'8" (51.7m) Alloy 2006: Konkordia is a sailing yacht and you may ask why she is in the list? My background is from large sailing yachts and though All Ocean Yachts is know for Explorers we all have a huge knowledge base in world cruising sailing boats. Sailing around the world is a great option! I inspected Konkordia for one of All Ocean Yachts clients and like all the Alloy yachts she is an outstanding vessel. Just to note that Alloy is now also building motor yachts and I can build a wonderful Explorer with the proper input.

A few notes on vessels I inspected last year and either checked on or did an external viewing on this year.

China 110' (33.5m) Kingship 2006: I did a full inspection on her last year and the only things I noted on the down side was she needed paint and her price was high. She had a complete paint job this winter and they have lowered her price several times, now at Euro 6,950,000. The change in price and the change in Euro to USD now make her a good value. She is well equipped, very low hours and a solid design.

Private Lives 120' (36.6m) RMK 2003: I did a full inspection on her last year and saw her in the anchorage this year and discussed her with the broker. The owner has continued to upgrade the boat and has reduced her price. Again with the price reduction and change in Euro/ USD she is well priced in either currency. She is a proven vessel and has a unique layout including a huge master on main deck. You also have to look at Jasmine a sistership if you are considering Private Lives.

Ulysses 195' (59.6m) Trinity 2006: I did a full inspection on her last year and she was anchored out at Monaco again this year. Price has been switched to USD and reduced from last year. Huge volume boat and very capable Explorer yacht.

Shandor 154' (50m) Schweers 1996: A leader in her field when she was built, I inspected her last year and checked her out at anchor this year. Great value in a proven Explorer yacht. She has some wonderful features but is a bit dated in some areas. Over all equipment was good.

I look forward to discussing any and all over the above vessels with you and/or new build projects!

Please Contact Me or any of the All Ocean Yachts team about meeting and viewing yachts at the up coming Fort Lauderdale Boat Show! You can see us at the show in Booth 694B in the Builders Tent at Bahia Mar.
John S. DeCaro
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