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Navtec EPIRB Hydrostatic Release

Latest Advance in INMARSAT linked EPIRB with Movie

The navtec GmbH has developed a portable emergency transmitter beacon (EPIRB) using the geo-stationary Inmarsat satellites. Compared to low-orbiting satellites, the geo-stationary system provides for fast and reliable emergency indication. The technical specification of the navtec emergency transmitter meets or even exeeds all of the mandatory standards and regulations of ETSI and IEC as well as of IMO and Inmarsat. The navtec global-3 EPIRB is fully type approved and can be used on any vessel.

The navtec EPIRB is a lightweight, portable emergency transmitter for aeronautical and maritime use. It operates in conjunction with the geo-stationary Inmarsat satellites and guarantees rapid transmission of position information in the event of an accident. Four satellites cover about 97 % of the earth's surface. Only one satellite is required for satisfactory operation and three of the four satellites can be reached from Europe at any time. This guarantees that the distress call is forwarded without delay and minimizes the probability of data loss during transmission. A remote control unit (RCU) is available.

Also integrated in the navtec EPIRB is a beacon option at a frequency of 121,5 MHz (formerly ELT) which assists in the search close to the vicinity of the accident .

In the maritime version the navtec EPIRB comes as a floating buoy. In case of an accident it automatically ejects from its cradle, surfaces and transmits a distress signal. The navtec EPIRB can also be activated by remote control from a ship's bridge. Furthermore, it can be taken along as a separate unit and activated manually.

In the event of an emergency, the navtec EPIRB automatically transmits data via the satellites to the base stations. This data contains the unique EPIRBs system code ()serial number), the nature of distress, the last position with the actual time as well as the direction in which the vehicle is moving and its speed. An elaborate CRC defect protection guarantees transmission and decoding even in case of disturbances on the transmission path. Tests have shown that all base stations can receive the signals even with only 100 mW transmission power (1/10 of the nominal transmission power).

Download a 21 second (3.3 Megs) video-clip and see worldwide for the first time, how an EPIRB (global-3) is released in 4m depth using the hydrostatic release unit. (This is a mpg-file, media player required) Click for the Movie

navtec GmbH
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Suedgelaende, Building Y005
1st Floor
Reception: Room 112
D-15831 Diepensee

Web: navtec

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