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“SALTWATER COCKTAILS” chronicles of the Steam Tug RUDOKOP

by Don Macmillan

For those of you who are interested in steam tugs or just have an interest in tales of cruising.

There is a book written about RUDOKOP by Don Macmillan titled “SALTWATER COCKTAILS” chronicles of the Steam Tug RUDOKOP.

It can be found on the internet.

A few short excerpts:


There is nothing unusual about dreaming of some day leaving every da life behind and sailing off into the sunset: perhaps to visit exotic places only accessible through the media. It could be a voyage of endurance and / or self discovery. In this day of prolific cruise ships, virtually no travel destination is inaccessible. But the “Once-in-a Lifetime” adventure remains, for most, just a romantic dream.


RUDOKOP is not just another ship. She’s a steam ship, and there is something very special about steam. Perhaps it is easier for the average person to relate to trains. The now familiar diesel, or in many countries, electric locomotive attaches little, if any, interest. Should the encounter a steam engine however, there is an immediate interest. Execpt for her whistle, a steam sip is not so noticeably different from a motor vessel; that is, until you are aboard, of course. While a diesel engine may well project a sound of power, it is noisy and foul smelling. In the engine room of a diesel ship it is virtually impossible to carry on a conversation. The steamship’s engine room on the other hand, is quiet. Oh, there is the hypnotic “schkulunka-schkulunka-schkulunka” sound as the engine is turning over, but it’s a soothing sound rather then overwhelming.


I think I can safely say that, with the exception of those who shared some of them, my experiences in Russia were reasonably unique.

You will need to buy the book or the boat ( I will give a copy to the purchaser) to learn the rest.

As always I look forward to receiving your comments and input.

Warmest regards,

John DeCaro


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