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New Breed of Luxury Yachts for Sale Can Handle Almost Anything, Including Rising Diesel Gas Prices

What was once a necessary mode of transportation in the exploration of the new world, today has become a sophisticated and trendy lifestyle. Yachting provides freedom and flexibility to move about in comfort while exploring the vast waterways of the world. Expeditions by yachts still take place, in fact, yachting is more popular than ever despite rising diesel gas prices. With few places left unexplored by modern man, remote less-traveled cruising destinations are beckoning adventurous souls. To fill this need a tough new breed of capable luxury yachts for sale have emerged ideal for offshore adventures: luxury expedition yachts.

Expedition, or sometimes referred to as explorer yachts are sleek, powerful and rugged on the exterior but don’t let their salty appearance fool you. Their interiors are opulent, stylish and refined. Built for safety, endurance and performance luxury expedition yachts for sale on today’s market deliver the best combination of comfort and adventure. The big appeal of these fuel efficient boats are their self-sufficient capability.

“Although those who can afford luxury yachts can also afford the cost associated with keeping them moving, yacht owners and captains continuously look for ways to reduce costs and extend cruising agendas,” said Yachts Sales Broker John DeCaro. “With today’s diesel gas prices running between $3 and $4 a gallon owning a fuel efficient boat can help defray the increasing expense,” said John.

Whether your dream is to dodge icebergs in the Arctic or meander your way through a steamy jungle river, luxury expedition yachts have the range, reliability, and hull design to safely explore every corner of the globe. Because of their fuel efficiency, their range for world cruising is unrivaled, enabling you to explore remote exotic areas of the globe unreachable by any other means.

Take the 176’ Smitt Holland Itasca for instance, with her 71,855 gallon fuel tanks, this expedition yacht has traveled the world and probably has one of the most impressive lists of cruising itineraries for a luxury motor yacht. From the Bering Straight to rounding Cape Horn to reach the icy world of Antarctica this fuel efficient boat can travel 13,000 nautical miles at 11 knots before having to re-fuel.

On average these fuel efficient boats have between a 4,000-6,000 nautical mile range. Zembra III is a Brazillian built Inace with a 9,100 tank capacity and a range of 4,500 nautical miles. Zembra III, along with most luxury expedition yachts, come equipped with such amenities as Jacuzzis, an array of tenders, lavish staterooms and abundant living spaces. And since luxury expedition yachts are designed to traverse the remote exotic destinations, helipads are common.

“Designed for long offshore passages, these luxury yachts for sale are relatively self-sufficient. This limits the need for shore side support hence reducing the costs associated with port calls; between re-fueling and the cost for berthing one port stop can cost thousands of dollars,” said DeCaro. “Also, the steel hulls and aluminum superstructures of expedition yachts means less maintenance giving you more time to enjoy your adventure, no teak to varnish or fiberglass to polish.”

“Another benefit of expedition yachts is that they are displacement hulls, which means these boats are much more fuel efficient,” commented DeCaro. Displacement hulls require a fraction of the horsepower that semi-displacement or planing hulls require to attain optimum speed. Less horsepower equates to less fuel consumption. “With no end in sight to the economy’s rising diesel gas prices, expedition yachts are ideal yachts for sale for those seeking adventure amidst luxury and comfort,” said DeCaro.

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