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Shipyard Inspection of Proteksan Turquoise

Proteksan Turquoise Facility
Dear All,
During my recent visit to Turkey I took the time to visit a yard that I have been to a number of times in the past. The build yachts designed for world cruising and there are a number of them for sale to day. The first time I visited Turquoise Yachts was when they where building the first "Turquoise" yacht. Over the years Turquoise has grown in size and quality into being a world class builder of yachts. The yard has two locations; the one I inspected is the main facility in Pendik which is 25,000 sq m or about 270,000 sq ft. The facility is new, modern and CLEAN. It is very easy to get to as it is about 20 minutes from the new Istanbul airport in Sabiha Gokcen. The area around the yard is very pleasant and there is good fast ferry service from Istanbul to a near by town, which is how I traveled there.

Proteksan Turquoise builds some of the best engineered and sea worthy yachts I have seen in the industry. As a Captain I would not hesitate in taking their boats around the world, a number of them have done it and several have done it more then once.

I do not hesitate in recommending them to any of my clients looking to build or buy a top class Explorer Yacht or any other yacht.

The over all fit and finish of the Turquoise yachts is comparable to the top Northern European yards and is better then a number of them. During my inspection I went through all of the new builds they have in their sheds and spend a good deal of time looking at the engine rooms and safety systems. Again I feel that they are equal to or better then any builder of yachts or Explorer/Expedition yachts in the world today.

Turquoise presently has a 50m, 72.6m and a huge 75m under construction all in different stages of construction. Turquoise is one of the most organized and clean yards I have visited over my many years in the business. This in turn shows in the final quality of the vessel. It is a pleasure to inspect the yard and the yachts under build.

Proteksan Turquoise- Some of the boats they have built

Let me start with the MB56 the 50m under build, for sale and available. This is an updated version of their very proven design, one that has been around the world several times in various forms. The MB56 one of the signatures that has made the Turquoise yachts so popular, she has massive volume and one of the best Master staterooms on a vessel of her size or larger. At present the layout has a huge master plus a VIP on the main deck giving her a 7 cabin layout. This can be modified and has been on other boats so you have one ultra large master with either a large office, gym, media room kids room or other combination. Even with this change you have a 6 stateroom layout with two of the cabins having Pullman berths allowing for 14 private use guests. The 5th guest cabin is located on the bridge deck and could also be used as a pilots or security cabin. I could talk about is vessel extensively but let me just say that; this is an outstanding world cruising yacht that is available on a short delivery in a price range that is a great value for quality received.

Proteksan Turquoise 75m Under Construction

I am not going to go into a lot of details on the other two yachts under build but here are some short comments. I am happy to discuss the boats in more length if you have an interest.

I love the styling on the NB54, 72.6 m and the use of the large windows. This boat has the master on the bridge deck which gives a private deck and frees up the main deck for 5 guest cabins plus a kids room or inter changeable suite depending on how you set it up. The lower deck is dedicated to crew and service plus a large gym and toy room / beach area.

Proteksan Turquoise 72.6m
The NB55 is a ultra large 75m vessel. She has a mid-deck that is dedicated to the owner creating a suite that has a similar volume to most 5m main decks. She has internal tender and toy storage and a separate beach area. When complete she will be a fully capable world cruising yacht.

In summery:
Turquoise has a tradition of building outstanding world cruising yachts and explorers at a solid value to quality ratio. The yard from the owner down to the workers on the floor and dedicated and motivated to producing exceptional vessels.

The 50m under construction now represents a opportunity for short delivery, still time to fit out to a owners requirements at a good value. She will be a solid world cruising yacht for exploration use. Give me a call to discuss her.

Proteksan Turquoise has the ability to build a cutting edge large yacht or Explorer / Expedition yacht at a value that will allow for innovative features and technologies to be incorporated and remain competitive in the market place.

Let our team assist you in developing a high fuel efficiency, green design with low up keep and operating costs, high level of sea worthiness combined with a sea kindly ride for or assist you in buying one of these yachts for sale.

Please Contact Me to discuss creating the ultimate Explorer/Expedition yacht.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro
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