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Seamagine Seamagine Personal Subs
for Yachts

SEAmagine Submersible Models come in two models- a 2 person, Ocean Pearl and a 3 person, Triumph (pictured on the right). These submersibles are ABS classed vessels and come with training and support.

SEAmagine has in-house engineers that provide engineering support for the stowage, lauch and retrieval from yachts as well as maintenance support.

On the web site is found perspectives from Owner, Captain, Yacht Management Company and Naval Architect to give an all rounded look at submarine ownership.

From the SEAmagine web site-

SEAmagine Expands its Team to Respond to the Yacht Industry

In response to the growing interest from the yacht industry for manned submersibles, SEAmagine has expanded its customer service team to help respond to the demand for solutions specifically catered to the private yacht sector. SEAmagine has opened a San Diego based sales and marketing office led by Bernard Demers as VP Marketing, Michael Purdy Senior V. P. Sales, and Hani Musleh V.P. Sales, Middle East. This expansion of SEAmagine's team to complement its engineering expertise in manned submersibles provides the private yacht sector a comprehensive full service venue to help study and implement a realistic yacht based submersible operation.

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