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Yard Inspection of Sunrise Shipyard and Drettmann Yachts
Dear All,

Sunrise Yachts Shipyard
I just returned from a trip to Turkey to inspect SUNRISE SHIPYARD. Antalya is about 1 hours flying time from Istanbul and is a very pleasant sea side tourist town that also has a duty free zone were a number of yacht builders are located. 

The SUNRISE shipyard is by and far the best and most modern facility in Antalya and maybe the second best in all of Turkey. The shipyard was created in 2007 from the ground up with no expense spared and a very modern forward thinking approach to yacht building incorporated into the design.

I have know the two driving forces behind the shipyard for a number of years, Guillaume Roche, who brings many years of yacht and shipyard experience to the team and Herbert Baum, an established German yachtsman and business man. In 2006 I ran into Guillaume at the Monaco boat show and we sat down to dinner together and he introduced me to his partner Herbert. During a very enjoyable sushi dinner they told me about the new shipyard they were building in Antalya and what their concept was. That they had the first 45m on the drawing board and would be starting construction as soon as the yard was compete.

The yard plan included, sub-contractors facilities, in house engineering and a full state of the art paint booth just to name a few of the features. They are now not only using the paint booth to create the outstanding paint finish on The Sunrise boats but also for repaint work and paint work for other yards in the area.

I saw both Herbert and Guillaume at subsequent international shows around the world. I followed their progress and was looking forward to seeing their first 45m AFRICA at her debut in the 2009 Monaco boat show.

Sunrise Yachts 45m AFRICA

On inspecting her at the show I was fully impressed with the over all quality of the vessel and the outstanding engineering and thought process that went into the boat. At every level she was very good, a world class first boat, a rare event. When I spoke to Guillaume and Herbert about a few minor items that I had noticed they both said they were pleased with the boat for a first effort but subsequent yachts would be better, they recognized the points and would fix them and they have held true to their word.

The yard it's self is clean with top of the line facilities, a outstanding group of international engineers from northern Europe and a great local staff. There is presently a 45m sistership to AFRICA under construction that can be finished in 12 months.

Sunrise 45m stern side view

Sunrise 45m under construction stern view

Going through the new 45m I saw the same high standards I saw AFRICA. This 45m has great room with excellent crew and guest flow. Reports from AFRICA confirm she is a great sea boat. She is available at a very competitive price level and for the quality delivers a solid value. The boat is at a level where the buyer can still choose interior wood styles and finishes, some layout options are available and they can set up the flybridge however they desire.

Sunrise 45m bow view, hull is very fair

Sunrise 45m main deck

Sunrise 45m engine room

Sunrise 45m build detail

Sunrise 45m flybridge

There is also a 61m project underway for a client, the hull and superstructure are complete and the superstructure is about to be placed on the hull. This is a huge super yacht by any standard and displays the same high quality construction I saw in the smaller vessel.

Sunrise 61m deck house

Sunrise 61m part of the master stateroom

Sunrise 61m part of hull

Sunrise 61m lower deck area

Drettmann tank section
A very exciting event occurred last year when Sunrise shipyard purchased DRETTMANN YACHTS a builder who marketed a number of small expedition yachts. These yachts were originally built in the Far East and overall were good boats for extended near coastal cruising. The purchase by Sunrise brought about a whole new concept in the Drettmann line of yachts and the creation of a modern series of Explorer yacht designs from 88.5' (27m) to 121' (37m).

Drettmann 32m under build

The first in the series is under construction at the yard but was just in the early stages of the build when I inspected her with tank blocks just being assembled. I did check the steel and welding work and it was all very well done with neat welds and all edges of the steel being ground smooth for future paint and welding work. You could see the same thought processes in this build as I like in the other Sunrise boats; as an example the incorporation of a pipe tunnel between tanks and spaces already dedicated to equipment and storage.

Guillaume assured me that Drettmann Explorers will have all of the features an qualities of the other Sunrise yachts.

Taking into account that Guillaume, Herbert and Albert Drettmann are all committed to producing a quality yacht and their proven record I do feel that the Drettmann line will be to a equal quality level as the other Sunrise yachts.

With the All Ocean Yachts teams 18 years of experience in building Explorer yachts and Sunrise Yachts quality, I am curtain our clients will receive an exceptional Explorer Yacht when building with Sunrise/Drettmann.

For more information on Sunrise Yachts and the Drettmann Explorer Yachts please Contact Me. I am happy to discuss this yard's benefits and how they compare others with any that are interested.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro
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