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Antartica Storm Forecast

Antartica Storm Forecast
Antartica Storm Forecast

We have a few days before leaving the South Shetland Islands and returning to “civilization”. A front passing through the Drake Passage (see forecast images below) is good enough reason to be anchored in Potter Cove and reflecting on the incredible time we have had in this region. I don’t know if anyone truly managed to capture the feeling of living down here on film or video but the experience of doing 2,250 miles of cruising in Antarctica, in 32 days has been extraordinary.

FLIBS to Fildes Bay will definitely be a couple of months to remember as we did 6,300 miles to pick up our first charter guests and were given a taste of the grandeur of the Chilean Canales en route. The current conditions are somewhat bleak with snow falling on the “3 Brothers” and ice hanging from the bridge brow but the last trip down to 65°15 South was nothing short of spectacular. Bright days with endless sunsets and a full moon rising over vast ice fields is a scene that will definitely draw one to return. The wildlife was beyond expectations, humpbacks breeching, orcas circling Big Fish and playing alongside, minke whales, penguins, seals and more seals and a great cast of characters to cruise with.

It will be great to thaw out for a bit and regain a sense of summer in the tropics but none of us would have swapped this trip for anything. North to Cabo de Hornos!
M.Y. Big Fish
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