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   We have had great success with the Quantum Marine Engineering installation for the Inace 95 Impetus. Inace Yachts recommends Quantum Marine for all their on anchor applications. We are happy to provide the Quantum News Letter below for your use.
John DeCaro

Quantum Marine


Coach John Allen, says "Go ahead, boys - run up the score!"

    The yachting world has spoken: since 2001 Quantum has installed and commissioned 46 complete stabilizer systems replacing equipment originally supplied by other manufacturers. Not one Quantum system has been replaced or upgraded by another brand.

Quantum stabilizer systems have replaced Vosper, NAIAD, Rodriguez, HDW, and KoopNautic, among others. Why do owners and yards make the change?

1) They wanted Zero Speed™ or OnAnchor™ stabilization and the original equipment was not suitable for conversion.
2)) They considered the original supplier unresponsive when it came to service and support.
3) The original system was undersized for the application.
4) The original system simply did not function as advertised.

    The Quantum sales team just finished the Miami Boat Show, grateful for the glowing feedback from customers who have recently fitted their yachts with Zero Speed™ and On Anchor™ systems, a fleet now over 100 strong! As a counterpoint to the solid reports of satisfied customers with installed, commissioned, and fully functioning systems: a competitor has made claims of 60 systems in service… but we cannot seem to find them. Does anyone know where in the world the VT/NAIAD "S@A" yachts are?

    We know where five are, they've contacted us to report that their systems need improvement, or that they have not met the customer's performance expectations. One charter broker told us that during the St. Maarten Charter Show she boarded a newly launched 55 meter yacht for an inspection. Moored in the midst of several of Quantum's customers, the yacht in question rolled so heavily she had to postpone the tour. When asked if the yacht was fitted with Zero Speed™ the captain responded "yes, but it isn't Quantum." Say no more!

    And, we just keep piling on: since January of 2006, Quantum Stabilizers has booked six new OnAnchor™ projects, in addition to the six Peter Florence and his upgrade specialists already have in progress.

15 square meter (15m2) fins under construction in Holland.
Quantum produces equipment for the largest yachts in the world.

    Large Zero Speed™ systems remain in strong demand as the global yacht order book expands along with the size of the new yachts being ordered. We've included some photos from the Quantum Controls BV facility in Nuth, The Netherlands, for a look at the scope and size of some of these projects. In fact, Quantum's facility in Holland is undergoing a major physical expansion designed to meet the combined demands of increased business and the increased size of the equipment being ordered for the "XXL" yacht market.

    We hear more and more reports from charter customers, charter brokers, crews, captains, and owners on how previously uncomfortable anchorages are calmed by ZeroSpeed™, and how much confidence they have in exploring new, and previously unthought-of locales now that their on-anchor horizons have expanded.

A Quantum assembly tech performing final inspection prior to shipment. Quantum's dedication to quality is reflected in every step in the production process

The QC3600 actuator assembly viewed head on, showing the centering rams and the actuator shaft for an idea of the size of this particular project.

Four QC3600 assemblies lined up in the final assembly area
    Quantum's star commissioning team of Al Grant and Luke Briant continues to rack up the miles, bringing Quantum's renowned service and support to every customer. Their latest launch and sea trial finalized the Quantum supplied 4-fin ZeroSpeed™ system on "Ulysses", and the yacht reported that in a 1.5 meter swell the performance was "unreal".

    The sales team's next stop- the Dubai Boat Show, March 14-18. Anytime you're in Fort Lauderdale, be sure to stop by - we'd love to see you, give you the tour, show off the manufacturing process, and welcome you to the extended Quantum family. We're grateful to our customers, clients, and friends who have made the first quarter of 2006 so successful, and we're looking forward to the future with great expectations as the worldwide yachting industry continues to grow.

Quantum ZeroSpeed™ and OnAnchor™: Quantum Stabilizers

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