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PRESS RELEASE- April 15, 2009... INACE Shipyard has finished its first phase in expanding to meet growing demand in the Yacht, Military and Commercial markets. INACE SHIPYARD has expanded its under cover building sheds by adding 8 new sheds, 2 x 65m (213), 2 x 50m (164) and 4 x 40m (131). In addition to the new sheds, Inace has more then tripled its carpentry shop space and updated its equipment with the addition of a new veneer press, drying oven and an automated router. In the metal shop they have added a cad cam 3 axis lath to complement the 10 existing laths and two new large format cad cam metal cutting machines bringing them up to a total of 4.

Inace 120 Luiz Debasto design
Inace 120 Luiz Debasto design

INACE Yachts presently has 8 Explorer Yachts under construction ranging in size from 90 (27m) to 135 (41m), including 2 x Luiz Debasto design Aft House Explorers, a Jon Overing design Raised Pilothouse Explorer and a Michael Kirschstein/Jon Overing Yacht Explorer.

Inace 135 Michael Kirschstein - Jon Overing design
Inace 135 Michael Kirschstein/Jon Overing design

The Military department has just delivered the 3rd in a series of NATO 164 (50m) patrol vessels. They have 2 x 180 (54m) patrol vessels under construction and 9 x 90 (27.4m) fast coastal patrol vessels under construction. The Commercial department has 5 x 170 (51.8m) offshore oil support vessels under construction (3 for a Brazilian company and 2 for a US based company). INACE has a number of other oil service vessels in build including a service Tug. At present INACE SHIPYARD has the capabilities of building and servicing vessels up to 300 (91m).

To meet future anticipated demand INACE SHIPYARD is investing in a new shipyard located 3 miles away from the yard, which when complete will have the capacity to build and service vessels in excess of 600 (182m).

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