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Engineering Details for NISI 78 Built by Tricon

NISI by Tricon
NISI by Tricon

Dear All,

This is a very impressive near coastal cruiser with great range and speed. She is VERY WELL BUILT having been constructed to R.I.N.A and MCA class. Her outfitting and engineering is top quality, way ahead of most of the boats in her size class or larger. Please see the images below.

TRICON will be building the ALL OCEAN EXPLORER LINE IN GRP (Fiberglass) and it will be even more robustly built and engineered.

Please Contact Me with any questions you have.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro

LED stacked running lights

Cleats produced in yard

Sea chest and piping in engine room

Fuel filters with hot change set up

Pumps and stainless piping

Fuel polising and tranfer system

Engine beds

Hydraulics and engine room finish

Gen. & watermaker air intakes


A/C and Air

A/C control panel

Stainless details done in yard

Interior finish

Wiring & tank top pumps

Fire & anchor wash system

Fresh water tank top & piping

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