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Inace Yachts New Build Construction
Press Release and Events January 2005

New Vessels Coming Out Of The Shed
New Inace Vessels Coming Out Of The Shed


Dear all,

    I have just returned from a visit to INACE SHIPYARD with two of my clients that have 93 vessels under construction. We had the pleasure of being the guest of the shipyard at their hotel during the NEW YEARS festivities which consist of a sit down out door dinner and party for over 8000 people with 4 bands from all over Brazil, quite an event. There were a total of 5 INACE YACHT OWNERS in attendance with the 85 FORTALEZA being the queen of the harbor.

    Besides the above mentioned party there has been a lot going on at INACE, while we were there they launched a new 45 coastal trawler and a new 93 forward house yacht. The latest in the 93 aft house designs explorers was rolled out to allow the forward house yacht to be moved from the new paint shed to the sincrolift. INACE has built two new sheds ahead of the existing six sheds and acquired a set of buildings that are backed up to one of the carpentry shops to further expand the carpentry area. This shop is about 300 x 300 and will house not only the new equipment but also new paint booths and areas to layout full size mock ups of the interiors.

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New Quantum Marine Roller Zero Speed Stabilizer Being Fitted
    Progress on the 93 aft house is coming along very well including the installation of the newest design of QUANTUM MARINES zero speed roller system stabilizers. Delivery is expected to be at the end of MAY of this year. In addition the next 93 aft house design is framed up and its superstructure will be mounted next month. Good progress is being made on a 68 design for a Brazilian naval officer who intends to cruise the coast of Brazil with his wife upon retiring, this is the second INACE for this client.

    ZEMBRA the 90 aft house explorer delivered two years ago is back at the yard after cruising the Mediterranean and having an excellent crossing. She has cruised the Caribbean, Alaska, US East and West coast besides the Med this last summer. The owner is now modifying her to accept a small helicopter and doing modifications to the stern.

    INACE has a number of new projects under discussion from 118 commuter yachts, a line of Jon Overing designed raise pilothouse explorers to 128 aft house explorer.

    Please let me know if I can answer any questions about the yard, on going projects or new projects.

Warmest regards and best wishes for the new year to all,

John DeCaro


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