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APB Features NISI 2400 in April Edition

NISI by Tricon
NISI by Tricon

Dear All,

Attached is a great article on the Nisi 2400 built by TRICON YACHTS. TRICON is the company that is building the ALL OCEAN YACHTS EXPLORERS in GRP (fiberglass).

NISIThe glass work and systems work they are doing is outstanding. This 78 yacht is built to R.I.N.A and MCA as the All OCEAN YACHTS EXPLORE line of yachts is being built to.

I have also included some photos on the Tricon Engineering Page of the engineering they have done on the 78 which will give you an idea of the quality you will see in the Explorers.

Luiz deBasto and I are working on the interior details and should have drawings and rendering done in the next 30 to 40 days. We have updated the exterior renderings of the All Ocean Yachts 90 and 100 in the Explorer Yacht Design Section to show the final design.

Construction financing is available.

Please Contact Me with any questions you have.

Warmest regards,
John DeCaro

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