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2005 Explorer Yachts NEWS!

What's Happening in the World of Explorer Yachts?

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Quantum ZeroSpeed Stabilizers
ZeroSpeed Stabilizers

ZeroSpeed Rotary Stabilizers Sea Trials
I have recently returned from doing sea trials on the new 95' INACE YACHTS EXPLORER. One of the major point of these trials was to test the new Quantum Marine ZeroSpeed rotary stabilizers. This is the first application of the rotary for zero speed uses and the whole Quantum Marine brain trust came in. Click for More

Rudokop News

"SALTWATER COCKTAILS" chronicles of the Steam Tug RUDOKOP
There is a book written about RUDOKOP by Don Macmillan titled "SALTWATER COCKTAILS" chronicles of the Steam Tug RUDOKOP. For those of you who are interested in steam tugs or just have an interest in tales of cruising... Click for More

New Inace Vessels Coming Out Of The Shed
New Inace Yachts

New Inace Vessels Coming Out Of The Shed
I have just returned from a visit to INACE YACHTS SHIPYARD with two of my clients that have 93' vessels under construction. We had the pleasure of being the guest of the shipyard at their hotel during the NEW YEARS festivities which consist of a sit down out door dinner and party for over 8000 people with 4 bands from all over Brazil, quite an event. There were a total of 5 INACE YACHT OWNERS in attendance... Click for More

NHC Emailed Advisories

National Hurricane Center Offers Daily Emailed Advisories
The National Hurricane Center is offering free emailed text advisories of daily tropical forecasts for the North Atlantic and Pacific waters in English and Spanish that appear just as they do on the daily updated pages of the NHC site. Click for More

Yacht Stability

Stability - What Is It and How Does It Work?
Stability is the ability of a vessel to return to a previous position. Positive stability would then be to return to upright and negative stability to overturn. Stability in it's most basic form is the relationship btween the center of all flotation in you hull (center of bouyancy, or CB) and the center of all weight (vertical center of gravity, or VCG). In other words, the downward pull of Gravity and the uplifting force of Bouyancy. These are the primary characters in this scene and all others play minor rolls... Click for More



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