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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 46th Annual Fort Lauderdale Boat Show
November 3-6, 2005
Bahia Mar Marina
To say it was an INTERESTING lead up to the Fort Lauderdale Boat show reminds me of the ancient Chinese curse “May you live in interesting times”. That is the best way to describe experiencing Hurricane Wilma and rescheduling the Boat Show.
Dear all,

    They just managed to clear most of the sand off of A1A and get some of the hotels up and running before the show, most of the traffic lights were still out which made for some fun rides home. “The show must go on”.

    As to the number of boats in the show, show management has not told us how many came. It was evident that quite a few vessels that were originally going to be there could not make it, but over all there were a good number of boats in attendance. As you might expect the volume of people at the show was way down, quite a number of brokers reported that clients had cancelled their plans to come.

    The big surprise for me was even with the shorter show and the smaller attendance, the Inace Yachts 95 I had on display at the barge was SWAMPED! Two out of the four days of the show I was so busy I did not have a chance to eat lunch, the other two days I dashed off for a 15 minute bite to eat at the YACHTS INTERNATIONAL PAVILION.

A quick plug for them, the Pavilion was wonderful, food excellent and staffing highly professional. If you are planning on attending the MIAMI SHOW or next years Fort Lauderdale show, do yourself a favor and contact them and get an entry card or e-mail me your full contact information and I will forward it to them. You might even get a free magazine out of it.

    Ok, back to the show, the other good thing about the show was all of the people who came by the boat were genuinely interested in EXPLORER YACHTS, quite a few were “big white yacht” owners that had their boats in the show and are interested in doing more long range yachting. I had a number of cases where someone saw the boat and went and found their friends and brought them back to see the Inace 95. I also had a large number of professional Yachtsmen aboard; captains, engineers and project managers, all of which were favorably impressed with the boat and INACE YACHTS SHIPYARD.

    As a result of the show myself and INACE SHIPYARD are now working with several designers on some new designs in the 150’ to 180’ range and are finishing up details on a new Jon Overing raised pilothouse design at 93’.

    I will not bore you with more but if you would like more information about how the show went or some of the new designs, please drop me a e-mail.

Warmest regards and may all your passages on the water and in life be pleasantly uneventful,
John DeCaro
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