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Updated Designs on All Ocean Yachts 90/100 Expedition Yachts

Please see the following pages on this site of the All Ocean Yachts 90 and 100 foot designs in both fiberglass and steel.

All Ocean Yachts 90 Fiberglass

All Ocean Yachts 90 Steel

All Ocean Yachts 100 Fiberglass

All Ocean Yachts 100 Steel

Updated Layouts on All Ocean Yachts 90

Dear All,

See below the updated layout options for the All Ocean Yachts 90’ Explorer yacht.

All Ocean Yachts 90 Standard Main Deck

All Ocean Yachts 90 Standard Lower Deck

All Ocean Yachts 90 Standard Flybridge and Skylounge

All Ocean Yachts 90 Main Deck Option- Master Up, Game Room and TV Lounge

All Ocean Yachts 90 Captain's Cabin Behind Bridge Option

All Ocean Yachts 90 Galley

All Ocean Yachts 90 Open Galley Option

All Ocean Yachts 90 Country Kitchen Option- Master Behind Wheelhouse

The tremendous response we have had from the yachting public, owner's and professionals has lead us to the conclusion that we needed a standard layout and then several optional layouts to meet all of the requirements we received information on.

The lower deck layout stays the same in all of the arrangements, though there are options for Pullman berths and sliding single bunks to form doubles. The standard main deck layout has the master cabin on the main deck and enclosed galley. The next arrangement is exactly the same but with the option to have a sliding panel between the galley and the dinning area to make an open galley format. There is a change in the one of the refrigerators, the oven layouts and china cabinet to create a fully open format.

Both of these layouts can also be done with the "Captain's Cabin Up" option, which would give you the option to carry up to 6 crew or have a dedicated cabin for fishing guides, scuba guides or other extra personal. You still maintain a comfortable skylounge with this option with the convertible settee and full head and shower to give you the 5th stateroom.

The other layout options are created if you take the "Master Cabin Up" option which puts the master behind the wheelhouse. The impressive thing about this layout is that you have almost all of the features you find in the main deck cabin, the same amount of storage and hanging locker space. An option to have a tub/shower combination and private toilet room.

The master up then gives you several other option for the main deck.

You can have a large TV / lounge with a fold out queen settee and full head maintaining your 5th guest option. This then would allow you to create a bar/game room where the aft saloon is or keep the saloon and have two lounging areas. You also have a large office area.

Another option is to have a full country kitchen with extra large additional pantry, informal dinning/breakfast table. You still maintain the separate formal dinning area; again you have a good office space.

You will note that the country kitchen layout is on the 100' version showing a large fishing cockpit. This option can be applied to all of the layouts.

I am presently in the process of working with Luiz deBasto to define the interior styling which could be best called “modern traditional”.

Build specifications are in final review but a short spec detailing all equipment is now available.

I look forward to discussing the project with you.

Warmest regards, John DeCaro
Email John

Click for Larger Please find the latest PDF and the comments below from explorer yacht designer Luiz de Bastos.
New Profile All Ocean Yachts 90- 9/2/2009
Lower Deck All Ocean Yachts 90- Lower Deck
I have been feeding Luiz de Basto the input I have received from clients.

The layout attached evolved from all of the feed back and my own ideas regarding operation. Thinking about the vessel and how it is intended to be used I strongly felt that the vessel needed more space for storage of all sorts. The captains cabin down layout needed a larger bunk and better crew area. We addressed this in some of the other layouts with space in the galley but some felt there needed to be a dedicated area.

I wanted to maintain the ability to carry 10 guests, with the change of one stateroom to a crew area and laundry we added Pullman berths to the to guest and put a queen in the skylounge with a full head, shower and hanging locker. This means that you can carry a total of 12 guests if you want. The air intake vent was move off the main deck to the skylounge deck. (it has not been moved in the profile)

The lower laundry/crew lounge not only gives service access to the guest cabins but opened up room for additional freezers, fridges and extra pantry space in the galley. To handle all of the guest dish service we added another dishwasher to the galley, one of which is intended to be a 3 minute high speed. A wine cooler was added to the skylounge.

Click for Larger
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I am not convinced we need the galley in the crew lounge unless you go for the captains cabin up and 4 crew down. I would like to see more storage space there, I am very interested in receiving your input in this area.

The flybridge option shown has a full helm station with raised seating, the bar has been expanded and a large sun pad with storage under created. This one shows the option to have a Jacuzzi, there is also a layout with seating in the balcony area.

We are presently working on the specifications and pricing of the vessel. I hope to have the specs done in about 2 weeks. One point we are discussing is the need for a stern thruster as a standard item or optional item, I would appreciate your comments on this.

Lower Deck All Ocean Yachts 90- 7/29/2009
Lower Deck All Ocean Yachts 90 Ventilation- 7/29/2009
Thank you for taking the time to review the information and for your comments.

CONTACT JOHN with your feedback.
Please find the latest PDF and the comments below from explorer yacht designer Luiz de Bastos.
Lower Deck All Ocean Yachts 90- 7/20/2009
Please find another variation for the 90-footer layout.

Lower deck- the service stairway is moved forward, a door was created between the crew passage and the shower in the guest's area, and a captain's cabin was created on port side. The crew lounge was rearranged.

Main Deck- The owner's bulkhead was moved forward 200 mm to create more room in the Galley area and follow the service stairway forward. The Laundry was moved to the entrance of the Galley, the freezer moved to the center line area.

Inboard- updated to reflect the changes.

Flybridge- a pool was added.

Overall, I think we got everything that was asked for.


CONTACT JOHN with your feedback.
Dear all,
Comments on lower changes deck:
Lower Deck Lower Deck 7/16/2009
I have been studying the design from a captains and operational point of view and have come to the conclusion that if you do not absolutely need the 4 separate guest cabins down below it would be much better to change one cabin in to a service cabin and add Pullman berths to the two twin cabins. The two Pullmans will maintain the guest carrying ability at 10. We have changed the skylounge to our standard arrangement which has a full head and pull out Queen bed, which means you can have as many as 12 passengers aboard at one time.

The fact is eight guest is a lot for a vessel of this size, 10 more so and 12 exceptional. The issue this creates is that even with 8 guest and 2 to 3 crew you need large service areas and equipment to serve them on long or for that fact even short trips. Creating the service room takes care of this problem and opens up space in the galley. We now have room not only for a complete laundry center with presses and boards, folding areas, linen storage, extra freezer and fridge space, wine cooler, plus equipment and spare parts storage and a service work bench.

The captains cabin lower buck has been enlarged, at this point it is 4'6" wide at its widest point, larger then a full size standard single but under a comfortable double. In order to create a full size double we would need to eliminate the crew settee or make it so it just seats two or 3 people. Our thought at this point is that if the captain needs to have a full double bunk then he should be behind the wheelhouse per the captain up layout option. It is a hard compromise and one we are still looking at. I look forward to hearing your comments.

The crew now has a walk through from their quarters to the guest cabins with direct access to the laundry. This has opened up a great deal of space in the galley which you can see in the main deck layout.

Comments on main deck changes:
Main Deck Main Deck & Wheelhouse 7/16/2009
The changes on the main deck center around the galley. In the service area I have changed the large double sink to a single sink, this has allowed me to fit a under counter "dairy" fridge. I have put a full size fridge/freezer next to the pantry and switched it to face inboard for easier access for both the chef and stewardess, this also creates less conflict with the people seating at the counter. I have put another pantry out board of the fridge, cannot have to much fridge and pantry space!

In the chefs area I added another dishwasher, with anywhere from 8 to 12 guests plus anywhere from 2 to 5 crew you will need a lot of dishwasher space. I have had one suggestion to put in 2 high speed 3 minute dishwashers which is a great idea except I would put in only one. There are dishes and pans that do not like the high speed washers so one each maybe the way to go.

I have placed a china storage cabinet between the two passages. The concept here is to make it accessible from both passages and to make part of it glass fronted to display wine glasses and other things. This way dishes can be put back into the cabinet without being in the guest area or retrieved by the chef or stewardess as needed during serving without being in the guest area. There is another cabinet next to the dinning table that can be fitted with a small wine cooler at the bottom or just used as general storage.

Comments on pilothouse/sky lounge deck:
Main Deck Sky Lounge and Profile 7/16/2009
The changes in the wheelhouse is the removal of one chair and bring the desk back about 1' to make room in the day head for the addition of a shower.

I added the fold out queen bed to the sky lounge and created a side table next to the game table to hide the air intake vent. I changed out the dishwasher for a under counter wine cooler. I think I am going to switch this to a larger under counter fridge, take out the small one shown and build a hanging locker with drawers in the corner to go with the bed.

I added the fold out queen bed to the sky lounge and created a side table next to the game table to hide the air intake vent. I changed out the dishwasher for a under counter wine cooler. I think I am going to switch this to a larger under counter fridge, take out the small one shown and build a hanging locker with drawers in the corner to go with the bed.

Comments on flybridge:
Main Deck Upper Deck & Flybridge 7/16/2009
There is now a raised helm area with two raised side seats, aft of this is dinning for up to 10 guests. Next aft on port is a raised sun pad area with storage under it that also dress out as a lounge. To starboard across from the table is a larger bar with fridge and ice maker and just behind that is the BBQ in its own cabinet.

Luiz Debasto has done a more refined version of this layout, you can easily see why he gets the big bucks. He also has a sky lounge layout with a wonderful balcony seating arrangement. These will both be incorporated into the final design.

As always I greatly appreciate your time in looking over the design and your feed back.

I look forward to hearing your comments.

CONTACT JOHN with your feedback.
Click for Larger PDF Drawings
All Decks and Profile All Decks and Profile 7/10/2009
Dear all,
The latest updates on the All Ocean Yachts 90’ are in the PDF drawings above and the clickable COLOR RENDERING on the right. We have created a crew settee between the crew cabins. This allowed us to increase the size of the crew bunks and floor space. We have two new options on the galley layout. We have added a large pantry, an additional fridge/freezer and increased counter area. You can move back and forth between the two galley layouts and see the difference using the PDF files above and below. On the pilothouse deck behind the skylounge we have created a balcony. This deck was a bit tight and the balcony opens it up and creates a great view. We intend to add one on the flybridge also. We are working on the flybridge layout with a full helm station.

I look forward to receiving your comments.

CONTACT JOHN with your feedback.
Dear All,
I would like to ask you for your assistance and input into a new 90’ design that we are developing with Luiz de Basto Design. It is All Ocean Yacht’s new Raised Foredeck Explorer design based on their proven series of Expedition yachts. The vessel has a 24’ beam, twin caterpillar engines, twin gen sets, twin centerline anchors with 450’ of chain, and an over 4000nm range at cruise speed. It has a water line length under 24m for classification and registration purposes. Making manning, clearing in and out of ports and operational requirements much less one argues. The yacht will be built to RINA class and MCA small vessel code. The vessel's basic design has a master on the main deck, 4 guest cabins below all with ensuite heads and two crew cabins for four crew each with it’s own ensuite head. The 90’ can carry two large tenders, the ones shown in the drawings are 22’ and 19’.

The 90’ RFD (Raise Foredeck Design) is to be built as a series and as a semi-production model with a standard layout and one or two optional layouts. We have developed a “World cruise or Euro” which is also a excellent charter layout and a universal layout. The elements of the layouts can be interchanged to make semi-custom designs. I will walk you through the layouts and the thought process behind them individually.

Click for Larger PDF Drawings
All Decks and Profile All Decks and Profile 6/29/09

The World Cruise Layout:
The World Cruise Layout was created to have the greatest separation between guest and crew. The level of separation Luiz was able to obtain is quite surprising in this size of vessel. It is more commonly seen in vessels above 110’ feet as is the captains cabin located behind the wheelhouse.

Click for Larger PDF Drawings
All Oceans Yachts 90 World Cruise Layout All Oceans Yachts 90 World Cruise Layout

We have the standard 2 crew cabins below with ensuite heads, the present drawing shows a laundry area between the crew cabins. There is a crew settee in the galley but we are creating a design with a crew settee where the laundry is presently located and we have moved the laundry up next to the galley. The laundry has two full size washer and dryers. We will retain the settee in the galley in either layout. When you come up the dedicated crew stairs from the lower deck to the galley you will come to either the laundry or to a day head, turning to port you will enter the galley. You will find a well laid out space with separate area for the chef to work. The present design is being updated to show a side by side fridge, double ovens and a pantry in the chef area. There is a full size fridge and a full size freeze in the stewardess area next to the breakfast bar. The stewardess station has a sink with disposal and a dish washer.

The dedicated crew stairs up to the wheel house and captains cabin are across from the stewardess station. They lead into the well laid out wheelhouse with settee, navigation desk and direct acess to the captain’s cabin with queen bed and comfortable head.

The guest stairs from the foyer leads up to the upper lobby with access to the wheelhouse and skylounge. The skylounge is separated into two areas; office/game area and a lounge/media area. There is a day head off the upper foyer separate from the skylounge with easy access for both guests and the person on watch.

Points for Consideration in the World Cruise Layout:

Upside: The extra stairway creates great traffic flow through the vessel and complete separation of guest and crew. The Captain's cabin behind the bridge put him in the most advantages location for a world cruising vessel. You have a 3 very comfortable crew quarters for up to 6 crew which is a very large crew for this size of yacht, which could operate her with 3 crew and each would have their own stateroom making for very happy crew or any combination of crew up to 6. This gives you great flexibility to carry fishing guides, extra delivery crew if only operating with 3 or 4 or 5 crew is you want outstanding service or if the vessel is under charter to 10 guests.

Downside: A good deal of space in the galley and the skylounge with both the stair and the captains cabin. Without question you do not need 5 crew to operate this vessel since even in charter 4 would be adequate. Under normal conditions 3 crew should be able to operate her with a forth needed for long passages. This means that even with just the two crew cabins below the captain, each crew can have their own cabin and only use the 4th berth on long trips. The crew lounge between cabins should be very comfortable for between 3 and 4 crew.

The Universal Layout:
In the Universal Layout we have maintained good crew to guest separation even with the removal of the second stair to the wheelhouse. Moving the laundry up and the dayhead to the main foyer allowed us to create a separation between between the crew galley entrance and the service entrance to the dinning area. This means the crew can come out of the galley and directly up the stairs to the skylounge/pilot house without intruding into the guest area. We were able to put in a full banquette in the galley for guest or crew use and add additional fridge/freezer space.

Click for Larger PDF Drawings
All Oceans Yachts 90 Universal Layout All Oceans Yachts 90 Universal Layout

The effect on the skylounge and wheehouse is quite dramatic. The skylounge increases in size while retaining all of its features and now has a full size, full feature bar. The wheelhouse settee has been expanded and can be used as a day bed during over night passages by the captain or standby watch person. It also makes a wonderful place to enjoy a book or watch the operation of the vessel. There is a desk/office area to starboard.

Points for Consideration on the Universal Layout:

Upside: We have been able to retain most of the crew separation and expand the galley and cold storage capabilities of the vessel. The skylounge has become quite large and has a full bar. The wheelhouse settee has become quite comfortable and flexible in it’s use and can be used as a day bed for passages.

Downside: Captain is down with crew and restricted to four crew. This is balanced part way by the fact that the larger settee in the wheel house will allow the captain to sleep in the wheelhouse when required in difficult situations. Crew uses a common stair to the wheelhouse; this is balanced by the fact that the crew can slip up the stairs without intruding except when guests are using the dining area. The crew can also use the exterior stairs from the galley to the wheelhouse under most conditions. With the main deck day head moved to the foyer area you lose some of the visual openness of the main saloon and dining area.

Common Features in Both Designs:
The large master stateroom is on the main deck and covers the full 24’ beam. There are large windows that increase the visual size even more and create an airy and light environment. There are two full size walk-in closets; one of which holds an owners stacked washer and dryer. There is a large head with twin sinks, large shower and a separate toilet room that will fit a bidet. We could create a separate his and hers head layout but this would reduce the closet space and they would lose the over sized feel.

The dining area could be either a full table with chairs or a combination banquette and chairs. Underway a banquette is generally more comfortable to eat at for charter then a stand alone table that is preferred by a lot of agents, however I do not feel that it would be a critical item.

The main salon is spacious and has a comfortable area large enough for all the guests to sit and converse. There is a popup TV located on the starboard side if people want to watch something other than what is being shown in the entertainment center in the skylounge.

The aft deck has a comfortable dining/lounging area with a full wet bar. There is protected access to the engine room and a guest stair directly to the lounge area behind the skylounge. These stairs carry on up to the flybridge giving great access between the flybridge entertaining area and the water.

The flybridge has a full size Jacuzzi with raised sun pads, full bar, BBQ and lounging area. One of the design improvements is a “balcony” off the back of the flybridge increasing the area to allow for an optional table and an extreme vista of the ocean.

The lower deck guest area is comprised of four guest staterooms with their own stairway. There are two twin guest staterooms with large ensuite heads and forward of those, two queen staterooms with large heads. In the case that there is no need for the owner to carry 8 guests, one of the staterooms could be converted to a dedicated office, gym or a class room.

The boat deck was created to carry very large tenders for a vessel of this size. We are showing twin rigid bottom vessels in the drawings but they could be hard bottom open fish vessels, flats boats, a sailing tender or any combination of the fore mentioned.

REQUEST FOR INPUT: The design team is still working on the layouts and final specifications. We are looking to get as much feedback on the preliminary drawing and will continue to update the drawings as we do so. We are greatly looking forward to receiving your input in order to further refine the elements of the design.

CONTACT JOHN with your feedback.

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