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CAPTAIN'S REPORT Yacht IMPETUS Performance Update


Dear John,

Click for PDF Raw Speed and Fuel Consumption Logs

I thought it was important to give you some feed back on the performance of Motor Yacht Impetus. The owners, yourself and Inace have definitely poured your hearts and souls into the development and refinement of this magnificent yacht. The attention to detail shines through along with an atmosphere of sophistication and well being.

On the engineering front there are a lot of subtle but important factors that have been taken into consideration.

The engine room is spacious, well laid out with plenty of storage and excellent head clearance. I like the fact that everything is labelled and thought has gone into accessibility to spaces for maintenance. Cables and wiring have been given extra length which allows you to actually remove a practical amount to work on an item properly.

The layout of the wheel house is about as user friendly as you can get. Everything is at arms length, and if it isn't, then there is a remote control for it. I know for a fact that the owner of Impetus and yourself worked very closely with the Inace technical department in designing this.

The Kobelt rudder / throttle / thruster satellite controls are fantastic. I use the plug in point located on the bridge deck on exiting and entering port as it gives me the freedom to walk the entire length of the deck for maximum visibility.

I am lucky enough to have two satellite control heads. Utilizing the second control head at the plug in point on the main deck aft, enables me to help out on the lines if the need arises, while still having control of the throttles and thrusters. The plug in location by the foredeck means I can anchor the vessel myself, freeing a member of crew if we happen to be towing a tender.

The Kobelt satellite control proved itself most versatile in Fortaleza, Brazil at the end of 2006. The harbour situated at the Marina Park Hotel is narrow, tidal with a swell surge from time to time. The wind is a constant 12 - 15 knots, beam on. We were located in the berth second from the inner most position. The only safe method for securing the yacht was to have long bow lines that stretched across the entire width of the harbour.

Eventually the only vessel inside of us had to depart which meant dropping the bow lines. With only two of us on board at the time, the First Mate was able to be at foredeck and drop the bow lines while I stood on the dock with the satellite control and monitored the distance off at the stern and our perpendicularity to the pontoon. The versatility of the kobelt satellites turned a potentially stressful and time consuming situation into one of pure simplicity. I should also mention it also turned a few heads. I guess it isn't every day you see a 95' explorer yacht controlled from the dock!

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New Quantum Marine Roller Zero Speed Stabilizer Being Fitted

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New Quantum Marine Roller Zero Speed Stabilizer Being Fitted

Impetus' excellent stability, combined with the revolutionary rotor stabilisation, is definitely the way forward for long range vessels. On a fifteen day Atlantic crossing from Gibraltar to Fortaleza, we only needed the stabilizers for two and a half days. We had beam to quartering seas of about five feet most of the way. It was only when we neared Fortaleza and started to get the shorter sharper wind affected chop that we engaged the stabilizers.

The luxury of the rotors is when they are not in use, the stabilizers are virtually parallel with the hull. This gives us an extra 0.7 of a knot in boat speed and saves us approximately 2 US gallons (7.5 litres) per hour in fuel. That meant we saved approximately 600 US gallons (2260 litres) over the twelve and a half days we did not have a need for the stabilizers.

This equates to about twenty seven and a half hours or 260 miles added range at 9.45 knots. This average speed for the Atlantic Crossing was achieved at an average RPM of 1359.65 and an engine load average of 51.33%.

We have written a log for Quantum on the Rotor Zero Speed Stabilization. This available in PDF format below. Fortunately for us but unfortunate for Quantum, Impetus is excellent at anchor and we have only had the need for the zero speed a few times over the the last six months.

Click for PDF Raw Speed and Fuel Consumption Logs

I look forward to sending you more data on Impetus in the near future. She is definitely deserving of her International Super yacht Society award as one of the top five yachts between 23m and 32m for 2005.

Yours Truly,

Captain Ben Castle
Motor Yacht Impetus
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