90' Ocean Voyager Catamaran

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"Rogue" 90' (27.43m) Displacement Catamaran Explorer Yacht
Broker Report- 90 Ocean Voyager Yacht for Sale

Type: MotorCatamaran- Expedition Yacht Builder: Ocean Voyager
Length: 90 ft Built:2004
Beam: 30 ft Engines: 1 x Cummins NTA855
Draft:Min 8 ft Fuel Cap:7800 gal
Hull:Aluminum Range: 7000

Dear All,

I went to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia on June 24th to inspect Rogue the 90' displacement catamaran Explorer Yacht. When I first receive the information on her and the photos I could tell immediately that this was a vessel that had to be seen to be fully appreciated. So I flew up and I spent two days and one night on her. I when through every aspect of the boat with the Owners who are living aboard, they are very experienced yachtsman who have done a number of conversion Explorer Yacht projects in the past including but not limited to the original conversion of Pink Shrimp.

Rogue Drone Video

My perception of having to see her to fully appreciate her many unique aspects was fully proven when I first laid eyes on her and stepped aboard. Since returning I have been considering how best to impart my understanding of her in a newsletter.

Main Salon
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Main Salon

Please understand this is not a complex vessel or an ornate vessel that is not why it is difficult to describe. It is the fact that the boat as it sits fits so many different mission profiles and is so flexible in is uses it is hard to prioritize what the main features are.

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So let us start with the very basics; Rogue is comfortable, bright, practical and smart, she is an extremely solid, seaworthy and sea kindly vessel, she is ultra-efficient. Her low resistant displacement hulls allow the use of fuel efficient low horse power mechanical engines that combined give her a range of 7000 nm and an upper cruising speed of 14 knots. She is most efficient between 10 and 12 knots. On her maiden voyage the owners took her through 18' to 22' seas on the bow and on the stern. Speeds reported while in these seas, on the bow 8 to 10 knots and when on the stern 12 to 14 knots. They report that she was comfortable in all conditions.

Let's talk a bit about her design as this is why we get the above comments and numbers. Rogue is based on a proven wave piercing design that is very common for ferries and commercial vessels in Australia and New Zealand. They use them for ferries because they are efficient, comfortable in a wide range of sea conditions and as mentioned above very seaworthy. This is of prime important in these areas as the sea conditions are often very rough and ferries want their passengers happy and comfortable. Rogue was built at 70' to Canadian offshore fishing standards and has double framing in the bow sections. She was operated as a fishing vessel until she was sold to the University and converted to a research vessel and recertified for research uses by Transport Canada.

Master Stateroom
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Master Cabin

One of two things you first note when you walk up to Rogue is her high bow and deep V center section between her hulls which instantly makes sense with regards to her ability to operate in high seas. The second thing you note is her expansive aft deck and the 25' Safeboat sitting on it. This deck is 35'x 30' with an 5 ton crane and is a key to what makes the boat unique and flexible. The uses and what you can carry is limited only by your imagination. Need to put a 20' container or two on deck to support operations or transport equipment? No problem. Want to stack up tenders for diving or fishing, need a shark cage or a decompression chamber onboard? How about a car or a jeep? You can fit a combination of all the above and the deck space and trim of the vessel will accommodate the space and the weight. There is a fully integrated 15 ton salt water ballast system that can trim the vessel for different sea conditions or load conditions. Of course you may just want to have a band and a big tent to dance under with 50 of your best friends your choice!

Let me jump up two decks and mention the expansive fly bridge that that can be fitted out to whatever level you prefer. You can have another 20 people here enjoying the music and is a great place to sit and watch as you enter and leave harbor or sit in a stunning anchorage in a remote spot in a far flung corner of the world.

Aft Deck

Under the boat deck reached from the swim platforms are two large garages approx. 8' by 15'. At this time they hold the laundry, extra freezer, water maker, workshop, and other small items or could be converted to additional crews quarters. There is also lots of room for more freezers. You can fit one out with a full dive center and store bikes and motorcycles in the other. There is a small davit that can lift them to the main deck or onto a tender to off load. In addition to this storage are there is a VERY large storage area between the two hulls that can be reached from either side or the deck via water thigh hatches. This space is about 14'x 20' and 3.5' high.

To port and starboard forward at the back of the house are the two doors to the two engine rooms. When they say double back up on this vessel they mean it! The engine rooms are spacious and completely separate. They each have their own day tanks and hydraulic tanks, raw water feed systems, bilge and fire system and are completely water tight from each other. If you have a flood, fuel or fire issue in one, the other is about 15' away from it.

I am not going to do a full walk through of the vessel as you can see or read that in the standard listing information. However l will go over the interior and point out a few key features.

Let me point out one very important over all feature of the vessel, IT HAS A 30' BEAM! This impacts every area of the boat except the lower hulls.

When you step into the salon from the aft deck through the water tight door you are hit with this wide expanse of space which is heightened even more by the raised curved overhead and large windows. (A note here: all of the glass in the windows is laminated and exceeds class standards for thickness) To port and starboard are stairs to the two private guest cabins, then dining and lounge areas.

Guest Cabin

Forward of that is the day head then on deck master stateroom to starboard with large head and windows. There is lots of storage in this cabin. If you are very involved with the running of the boat, the master is just a short distance away from the bridge but still private.

Master Stateroom

The large galley is to port. Then you come to the crew's quarters for up to four with ensuite head on center line and crew lounge to starboard. The crew's quarter combined with the separate captain's cabin give you bunks for up to 6 crew, this is well over the top as 3 should be able to operate her. The present owner and his wife run her now with additional crew for trips. The extra bunk space is good for fishing guides and dive masters or extra crew on long passages. There is also an extra bunk in the back of the crew lounge!

The galley features granite counters, electric stove and oven, country sink, large refrigerator /freezer and a ton of storage.

Next up the stairs is the huge (I know I am using huge a lot but that 30' beam creates the need to) bridge. It is well equipped and there is room for anything else you would like to fit in it. The captain's cabin is center line aft and has a double bed and large ensuite head. To starboard aft is a very large area that is being used as an office/music studio and one of three doors to the deck.


Aft of the bridge is the deck with the solar panels that produce about 2.5 kw of energy. This are also two highly efficient electronic controlled air-conditioning and heating compressors located just behind the house. The owner reports that they worked extremely well through the Nova Scotia winter in snow and subzero temperatures. The air handlers in the rooms are extremely quiet and individually controlled.

This is also where you will find the 5 ton crane which I am told can be increased up to approx. 8 tons.

My apologizes that this is such a long report but this is a 140 gross ton vessel with a 30' beam on a length of just 90' and the features and volume this gives it are hard to describe in even in a non-in-depth way in a short report. Interestingly even with her huge beam and gross volume she has a registered length of LESS THEN 24M, which lowers operational requirements in many places of the world.

Rogue Astern
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Stern

Rogue as she sits is a great and unique Explorer Yacht that can fit a wide pattern of use. She can easily modified or up graded to any anyone's taste or mission profile. At present she has a very tasteful simple functional interior that is very easy to keep up. The clean white d├ęcor makes or a bright open living space.

Rogue Bow
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Bow

Rogue cost over $4m to build and then had over $1m spent one her by the University plus the cost of the lengthening and conversion. To build her today as a yacht explorer would cost substantially more than the combined cost spend on her to date which is much more than her present asking price.

Please contact John DeCaro at All Ocean Yacht for more details, I have extensive photos of all areas of the vessel and look forward to discussing this outstanding Explorer Yacht.

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Rogue Layout
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Layout

Rogue Layout
Expedition Yacht Rouge for Sale Layout

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