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2003 Explorer Yachts NEWS!

What's Happening in the World of Explorer Yachts?

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Bulb or no Bulb
Plus or Minus?
Click for Bulb Test
    I recently returned from tank testing the new Inace Yachts 93 hull design which we ran with and without bulb. We had a "bulb specialist" design the bulb and he was present during all the tests.
    I have been reading about and studying the bulb issue for a number of years and have spoken to designers, surveyors and other captains about the merits and problems of bulbs. I have to say that going into the test that I was very ambivalent about the benefits that a bulb would provide in a real world situation... Click for More
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Explorer Voyages
of "Exodus" No.15

Alaska Adventures!
    Oh the splendor of vast unexplored wilderness! So many sites, so many experiences, and so little bandwidth to send you our latest tales and photos from the good ship Exodus.
Exploring from our summer base in Juneau, we have each found our favorite spots that we will cherish in our hearts, our minds, our stories and our photo albums forever. For me it would have to be Cannery Cove in Pybus Bay. Click for More

What To Look For
In An Interior Designer
Why Interior Designers
Should Have Big Ears

New Pictures Added!
Michael Kirschstein Speaks
    As you can see from the title this is meant to be slightly frivolous but there is a point to the title. Most people would consider the designer's greatest talent should lie in his hands and the ability to draw. I would have to say that this should be taken as a given and the designer's talent should be placed in his ability to listen. You can not design anything if you do not first listen to the Client's wishes and try and understand their lifestyle. After all, these yachts are not for designer to live on, but for the Client and their family and friends to enjoy. Click for More
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Stability at Anchor
Evolution to Revolution

Yachts International Magazine
     Aboard a 160' tridecker that had just dropped anchor, the intercom beeped in the wheelhouse. It was the owner's wife, calling from the master suite and sounding a little queasy. "Captain," she said, "I'm looking out of the window and the horizon is moving. Please do something about it."
    The captain touched a button on the console. Around him every boat in sight was still pitching and rolling, but on the tridecker serenity reigned. Click for More

International Marine
Underwriters Seminar

Don Patton,
Marine Surveyor

Complete Story
Ladies and Gentlemen:
    Believe it or not, in my day hardly anybody had a license including me. In our salvage company, we were often sub-contracted to do research work. I was running a 49 meter research vessel doing navy work in the Tongue of the Ocean and one of the scientists came on the bridge and asked why my license wasn't posted. I said "It's right here in my wallet" and I showed him my driver's license. He said "How can you get away with that". My reply was simple, "I'm part owner and she is research vessel registry". That was a long time ago and the rules have changed a bit since then... Click for More

Explorer Voyages
of "Exodus"

Alaska Adventures!
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    After a leisurely and uneventful but delightfully whale filled 3 day cruise up the straits of Georgia and the Queen Charlottes from Vancouver, we pulled into our temporary home base at the Taku Fisheries dock in downtown Juneau, Alaska on July 9. On the voyage north we talked with cruising boats and local fisherman and found that Taku had ample dockage, sufficient power (or so we were told), a great central location, and was about 40% of the cost of the local "white boat" marina less than half a knot away. We tied up along side the floating dock and went through our normal docking routine only to find out that we had access to only one 50-amp line on the dock... Click for More
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With Movie
    The navtec GmbH has developed a portable emergency transmitter beacon (EPIRB) using the geo-stationary Inmarsat satellites. Compared to low-orbiting satellites, the geo-stationary system provides for fast and reliable emergency indication. The technical specification of the navtec emergency transmitter meets or even exeeds all of the mandatory standards and regulations of ETSI and IEC as well as of IMO and Inmarsat. The navtec global-3 EPIRB is fully type approved and can be used on any vessel. Click for More


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