Inace 120 Explorer Yacht Far Far Away SOLD

Dear All,
It is with great pleasure that I announce the sale of the Inace 120’ Explorer Yacht Far Far Away.

Inace 120 Explorer Yacht Far Far Away

All Ocean Yachts represented the Seller and Boutique Yachts the Buyer.

Far Far Away is one of the vessels that All Ocean Yachts built and was owned by the building client at the time of sale. I was involved with the design and build of the vessel from a clean sheet of paper through the sale and I am looking forward to working with the Seller on his next design and build.

She is a superb example of a long range Explorer / Expedition yacht with 7000 nm miles of range and outstanding seakeeping abilities. Her design gave her a far greater volume than other vessels in her size class and larger allowing for much more comfortable living areas and the needed service and storage required by a true Explorer Yacht.

Far Far Away Video

Far Far Away is one in a series of aft house Explorer Yachts built by Inace and All Ocean Yachts that range from 80’ to 126’.

The sale of Far Far Away carries on the tradition of all of the Explorer Yachts built with All Ocean Yachts and Inace selling for a value greater than their delivery price.

Please CONTACT ME regarding the purchase of brokerage Explorer Yachts of to build a new Explorer Yacht.

John DeCaro
President, All Ocean Yachts