Covid 19 AOY Response

All Ocean Yachts and the Coronavirus Covid-19

Dear All,
First and foremost in these challenging times the team at ALL OCEAN YACHTS wishes all of you good health. I believe that all of us have been reminded that without that very basic underpinning and many times unappreciated basic fact, nothing else in life matters.

We at All Ocean Yachts are all working from home, however we are all available via Phone and Email.

98 Inace Yacht AB Normal for Sale
AB Normal - 98’10” Inace Yachts

Someone mentioned that “No one wants to deal with boats during these trying times”. I disagree, what could be better than taking a little time, looking at, and talking about something that gives you great pleasure, taking time to plan that long thought about cruise around the world or going to exotic places with your family in your very own Explorer Yacht?

Even if at this moment in time you cannot range freely about the world, why not at least let your mind go traveling, using your free time to dream and plan for the future?

All of the All Ocean Yachts team are happy to spend some time discussing available Explorer Yachts, building Explorer Yachts or just discussing various stunning and fascinating places to go on your Explorer Yacht.

111 EXPEDITION Yacht for Sale

Iceberg - 111’ Dashew

We are happy to work with you and send you boats to consider even if it is in the future.

Please do not hesitate to call us to talk about Explorer Yachts, it is what we all love to do and we are happy to spend some time with you.

Good health and a swift return to normalcy.