Cheoy Lee Shipyard/ All Ocean Yachts/ Overing Collaboration

Dear All,
I have recently come back from an inspection of Cheoy Lee shipyard.

New Overing Design for AOY and CL
New Overing Design for AOY and CL

Cheoy Lee is one of the best known yards in China and has been building yachts and large commercial vessels for years. They have been working hard on innovating and updating their vessel construction to meet all international standards in both yachts and commercial vessels, and their facility is as modern and up to date as any you will find in the world.

In the yacht division Cheoy Lee has recently rebranded themselves as "CL" Yachts and released a number of new designs in the performance yacht category.

Cheoy Lee has done an excellent job of keeping itself on the cutting edge of GRP (fiberglass) and metal construction methods. Their investment in advanced technologies in CAD systems, waterjet cutting and scrip infusion systems is world class. The piping, wiring and equipment installation is very well done in both yachts and commercial vessels.
Cheoy Lee Shipyards "CL" USA
Cheoy Lee CL USA

All Ocean Yachts is working with Cheoy Lee’s commercial division and CL Yachts to merge the technologies to build semi-custom Explorer Yachts for our clients in a range from 92’ to 155’.

The AOY-Overing Explorers built by CL Yachts will be built with steel hulls and composite superstructures combining the best of both worlds.

The Jon Overing design Explorer Yachts are based on a proven design that has superior sea keeping and efficiencies. This patented hull form allows Overing designs to exceed theoretical speeds and has been proven in extensive tank testing and real world use. You can learn more about Jon Overing and the design by clicking on this link: Jon Overing Design

Link to History of Cheoy Lee Shipyards.

The first 92’ design will be released shortly with pricing and delivery times! It has outstanding range, large volume, excellent seakeeping and superior efficiencies and speed. The vessel has excellent stability and a larger boat deck than other vessels in her class, capable of carrying a large tender and extensive toys.

Attached is one of the profiles available for the 92' design.
Download Overing Design 90' Expedition Yacht

Please CONTACT US for information on the new CL and AOY Explorer Yachts.