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What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht?
What is an Expedition or Explorer Yacht
By: John DeCaro, President, All Ocean Yachts

The first question I often get when speaking or writing about EXPLORER or EXPEDITION YACHTS is, What Are They?
Expedition Yacht Click for More An EXPLORER Yacht is a purpose built or converted vessel that is created for long distance cruising to remote areas of the world. The purpose (mission profile) may be varied; extended family exploration, worldwide big game fishing or fly fishing, remote dive expedition, a desire to expand your cruising area, a wish to be more autonomous when you are cruising, or a combination of these or many other reasons.

The features needed to meet the mission profile is what separates the true EXPLORER yacht from a "Big White Yacht" or even one of the many "Trawler" designs on the market which are more coastal or near coastal cruisers . There are "long range Yachts" and other yachts that meet some or a lot of the features and qualities found in an EXPLORER yacht and depending on your mission this maybe all that you need for your voyage of exploration.The features and qualities that set an EXPLORER yacht apart are many and I am just going to touch on a few key points.
  1. First and foremost they must be designed and built to handle extreme weather conditions, i.e. very sea worthy. Safety and comfort of the passengers and crew should always be at the forefront of the design and purchasing criteria. An EXPLORER yacht should have a very efficient and sea-kindly hull form. Please note that I am use "sea-kindly" here and "sea-worth" above, these two terms are not the same, you can have one without the other which can make for a safe but uncomfortable vessel or a comfortable vessel that has reduced sea worthiness. To obtain this criteria the vessel should be a FULL DISPLACEMENT hull form. The high efficiency hull form should be coupled with good fuel volume to obtain at least a 4000nm range at 10 knots, more is better. All Ocean Yacht is always looking at new high efficiency propulsion systems and energy systems like the new batteries, chargers and converters that are being developed.

  2. Expedition Explorer Yacht

  3. An EXPLORER yacht MUST be very easy to maintain and operate. This is important in a number of ways and is a key difference between many long range yachts and trawlers being built and a true EXPLORER. Every feature and item on the exterior and interior of the vessel should be considered against this criteria. An EXPLORER yacht can look like a white yacht by replacing teak rails or decking with stainless or cutting edge deck systems like Stone Decking. EXPLORER yachts do thousands of miles a year and up keep and the quality of materials and systems are critical to simplify upkeep.

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  5. The engine room is of key importance and the KISS principle should always be in play. Using proven high wear equipment in a large well laid out engine room designed for ease of service by crew is a MUST. An engineer must smile when he walks in the engine room.
For more information on Explorer Yachts please Contact Us. The highly experienced team at All Ocean Yachts looks forward to discussing your Explorer Yacht with you and finding the right boat to meet your dreams.
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