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2004 Explorer Yachts NEWS!

What's Happening in the World of Explorer Yachts?

    Find below links to Explorer Yacht News stories and articles on this site. Send your expedition yacht news contributions to John to appear on the News page.   Email John

Overing 86 Release
New Overing
86' Design
Release of New Overing 86 Design
Jon Overing developed this vessel with John Decaro to be a highly versatile world explorer yacht capable of caring a very large tender and other support craft. The different options for layouts allow the client to tailor the number of guest or crew he wishes to carry to his exact needs. Click for More

Overing Design Noble House
Overing 174 Build
A boat built Down Under turns expedition yacht design updside down.
A glimpse of Noble House, a recently launched 174 foot motor yacht by New Zealand's Sensation shipyard for an American owner, would not lead one to classify the vessel a a member of the explorers' club. Noble House's appearance, however, belies its abilities. The steel-hulled boat, which is fitted with a bulbous bow engineered to reduce fuel consumption... Click for More

Inace Bulb Bow Installation
Inace Yachts
Bulb Bow
Bulbous Bow on 93 Aft House Inace Yacht Under Construction
I have recently returned from a visit to INACE YACHTS SHIPYARD to inspect the 93' aft house with her owners. Among the numerous things going on that I thought people would find of interest, is the fitting of the bulbous bow to the boat. A few things to take note of, the hull structure was fully finished and the bulb is being fitted as a separate element. What this means is if the bulb should impact something and the watertight integrity be compromised it will not have any effect on the water tight integrity of the hull. Click for More

Click for More 95 Inace Yachts Aft House Explorer Yacht
Having just returned from tank testing the new up-graded hull form for the INACE YACHTS 95 in VANCOUVER BC and meeting with my clients who have now cruised their new 90' Inace Yachts over 4000 nm. in 3 months and confirmed what my last 4 clients have said, "they love their boat". I can state without hesitation that this is one of the best deals... More Here


New Owner Inace Yachts FAQ
Here are some additional FAQs sent by one of my clients that I spent some time with at INACE YACHTS SHIPYARD. It is important to note that these are questions he asked of me and my answers as he understood them. Click for More

Click for More The Art of Long Boarding See the Movie!
No, I am not referring to surfing in Hawaii! The art and science of producing a top quality paint job on a yacht involves many steps. The part that everyone sees is the final, smooth, high gloss finish coat. I do not want to reduce the importance of the challenge of getting this final coat to a yacht level of finish, but it is just a small part of an over all process and one of the shortest sections in terms of time. Click for More

Inaces Under Construction
Inace Yachts Under

Inace Yachts Under Construction
Please find the following images from my trip to Brazil in April to check progress on two vessels. As seen pictured here, there is an Aft House Extended Deck 93 Inace Yachts and a Forward House 93 Inace Yachts. Click for More

Click for Exodus
Explorer Voyages
of "Exodus" No.17

Belize and Islands
    When I dream or the Caribbean I picture little sand streets lined with tiny clapboard house painted every color of the rainbow. In my dreams the trades always blow gentle, the locals have big white smiles and warm island accents, the sea is 10,000 shades of blue, and the lobster is grilled under swaying palms on a moonlit beach. From now on when I dream of the Caribbean, I will forever think of Cay Caulker Belize...Click for More

Click for Zembra
Explorer Voyages  
of "Zembra"

Galapogos Pics!
    The owner of Zembra III was nice enough to share a few photos of his trip to the Galapagos with us. They ran straight from Cabo San Lucas enjoying good weather and a trouble free trip. His basic comment was "It was everything I heard and more"... Click for More

A Practical Insight 
into Yacht Interior Design

Michael Kirschstein

    As with the other pieces I have written for this Website "Why Interior Designers Should Have Big Ears", this item has been created to give a small insight into the thought processes and practical measures that should be considered when creating the interior design for a luxury yacht. As discussed, the first item to ensure is that the designer must listen to the client's wishes... Click for More

Click for More
Explorer Voyages
of "Exodus" No.16

Alaska, Final Chapter!
    We are winding down our summer tour of Alaska as the days start to grow shorter in the land of the midnight sun. Although I will miss the expansive wilderness and the bears, I'm looking forward to warm blue water, big blue Marlin, and little blue bikinis dancing on the sand at a certain little beach cabana in Jaco, Costa Rica. But I'm sure we'll get to that around installment 23 or so... Click for More


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